Intercultural Skills Certificate – Facilitating internationalisation @ home!

As our world grows more interconnected every day, an interest in different cultures and traditions not only simplifies our everyday lives, but also facilitate success in our professional ones. UAS Technikum Wien has been offering various activities to support an internationalization at home over the last years, among which intercultural trainings, foreign language courses etc., in order to prepare the students for the challenges that global developments bring along. In order to demonstrate experience with and sensibility of these topics, it is now possible to acquire an Intercultural Skills Certificate.     

In order to receive the certificate, students need to proof that they have participated in various activities with different international aspects. By participating in these activities such as a foreign language course, taking part in a two-week summer school abroad, writing their final thesis in English, acting as a Buddy for Incoming students etc., they collect Cirpoints. Once they have acquired 15 of those, they will receive the Certificate.

Six students of UASTW already managed to demonstrate their interest in intercultural awareness and received the certificate by September 2018. During an informal event, celebrating that the Renewable Energies go international, students of the Bachelor’s program Urban Renewable Energy Technologies (BEE) Judith Kapeller, Andreas Kroiss and Sebastian Igel were the first to be presented with the certificate. Florian Ellinger, coordinator of the certificate of the international office, as well as the faculty represented by Manfred Tragner, head of the BEE programme, and Peter Franz, congratulated the students on their efforts in becoming true global citizens.

The idea for this project stems from the efforts behind an internationalisation at home, which intends to bring international flair and experience to those who cannot go on a semester abroad or complete an internship in another country.


From left to right: Peter Franz, Florian Ellinger, Andreas Kroiss, Judith Kapeller, Sebastian Igel, Manfred Tragner