Health-CONNECT - eHealth aCademic cOoperatioN syNergy ProjECT

The Health-CONNECT project aims to strengthen the competencies in the intersection of the multidisciplinary and future-oriented subject area "eHealth" at the FH Technikum. This is made possible above all by an internationalisation strategy for this subject area which is to be developed and expanded. The curricula, learning objectives and contents of the FH Technikum Wien degree programmes are increasingly synchronised with partner institutions in Portugal and Germany. The competence- and topic-oriented representation by lecturers and researchers of the FH Technikum Wien will be the focus of the project implementation. The study programmes concerned, which are located at two institutes of the FH Technikum Wien and are closely linked to the interdisciplinary research focus "Secure Services, eHealth & Mobility", will be subjected to increased internationalisation and closer coordination through this project in order to achieve synergetic effects in education in the field of eHealth.


The project should (1) enable a sustainable integration of teacher and student mobility into the respective curriculum, (2) support the expansion of individual intercultural competences and experiences and (3) at the same time internationalise the learning objectives and contents. To this end, the Health-CONNECT project will analyse one Bachelor's degree programme and three Master's degree programmes at the FH Technikum Wien, which have a focus on the subject area of eHealth, and compare the learning objectives and contents as well as possibilities for mobility with the partner universities and integrate them into the respective curriculum in an exemplary manner. This also includes the possibilities of pursuing a further academic career in this field (e.g. BSc in Jena, MSc in Vienna, PhD in Vila Real).


In addition, an exemplary implementation is planned by piloting the identified measures for internationalisation and evaluating them. Since the topic of eHealth is sometimes perceived as highly abstract, annual "eHealth Summer Schools" are planned in rotation at the participating universities. In this way, the contents and different fields of knowledge of the topic can be networked and presented in a "vulnerable" way, and possible inhibition thresholds and prejudices regarding the topic "technology and health" can be addressed and reduced. This should also increase the attractiveness of the topic-related courses offered at the FH Technikum Wien and strengthen Vienna as a location for education and competence.



September 2017 to August 2020


Life Science Engineering

Research focus

Secure Services, eHealth & Mobility


September, 2017 to August, 2020


Stadt Wien


Life Science Engineering


Data-Driven, Smart & Secure Systems


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