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Electronics and Business

Bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien


Application deadline: August 31, 2022 (part-time)
Application deadline from non-EU states: July 31, 2022 (part-time)

An Ideal Combination of Electronics and Business Administration with Four Specializations

This degree program teaches the fundamentals of electronics as well as business knowledge. In the course of the degree program, there is the option to specialize in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems (networked software mechatronics systems), Power Electronics, Internet of Things & Intelligent Systems or Innovation & Technology Management. The combination of technical expertise with comprehensive business and management training provides the optimal prerequisite for managerial positions. Both evening form and distance learning offer an excellent compatibility with a professional activity alongside studies.

Program Overview


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Specialization Options

Specialization is in one of four areas beginning in the 5th semester:

Internet of Things

Internet of Things & Intelligent Systems

The term Internet of Things describes the networking of everyday objects, buildings, industrial plants and even cities. Efficient integration is of central importance for reliable overall systems

Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems

Embedded systems are computers with specific functionality that are integrated in the system to be controlled or monitored. They often contain elements that perform sensor and actuator tasks.

Power Electronics

This major focuses on electronics applications in industrial and corporate manufacturing.

Innovation and technology management

How innovations can be systematically prepared, planned and implemented in companies is the topic of the specialization Innovation and Technology Management.

Times of Presence, Part-Time

5:50 p.m.Thursday Evening9:00 p.m.
4:10 p.m.Friday Evening9:00p.m.
8:00 a.m.Saturday morning12:50 p.m.
Weekly times of presence

Facts Distance-Study

  • 3 attendance phases at the FH Technikum Wien per semester (2 days at the beginning, 2 days in the middle and 2 days at the end of each semester)
  • two seven-week online phases in between
  • 30 study places


  • Start of semester: September
  • Costs per semester: € 363.36 tuition fee, € 21.20 ÖH fee
  • Work placement in the 5th or 6th semester
  • a Bachelor thesis
  • Duration: 180 ECTS-Points, 6 Semester
  • Possibility for a semester abroad

Career Prospects

  • Graduates are employed in professional fields such as electronics, electrical engineering, information and communication technology and mechatronics as well as in industrial engineering or management consulting.
  • In these areas, engineers conduct research studies, develop electronic and electrotechnical devices, equipment and systems, including the necessary software components, plan and manage their production, ensure the quality of development and production, organize sales and service and provide appropriate consulting services.
  • They work, for example, as application developers, electronics developers, measurement engineers or communications engineers.
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Electronics expertise paired with management skills – an ideal combination, especially for the professional fields of the future.
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Peter Rössler
Program Director
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The flexibility of this distance learning course has helped me to get one step closer to my goals.
Lubnah Kamoukah
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Because every technician should also be a good leader.
Tatjana Tobolka

General Information


For a bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien, you should have a certain technical interest and have completed the school-leaving examination. A relevant professional qualification is also considered to fulfill the admission requirements.


UAS Technikum Wien offers

  • extensive use of modern didactic methods
  • optimal combination of on-site teaching and online-supported self-study phases.

Students have the oppurtunity

  • to organize their learning activities with a high degree of flexibility in terms of time and place,
  • to learn guided by virtual learning paths and to voluntarily self-check their own learning progress,
  • to study in an application- and solution-oriented manner.

Our students are prepared for independent lifelong learning in their careers.

News from this Program


FH-Prof. DI Dr. Peter Rössler

Program Director Bachelor Electronics and Business
Research Focus Manager Embedded Systems & Cyber-Physical Systems

+43 1 333 40 77-6977peter.roessler@technikum-wien.atDetails
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Tatjana Stadt

Administrative Assistant Electronics & Business (part time)

+43 1 333 40 77-6198tatjana.stadt@technikum-wien.at
Carla Hartl, BA

Administrative Assistant
Electronics and Business (Distance Study)
Internet of Things and Smart Systems

+43 1 333 40 77-5201carla.hartl@technikum-wien.at


The next step to study Electronics and Business is to apply via our online application system:

  • The entire application process is handled via a dedicated application website.
  • Your data is stored securely and is being treated with strict confidentiality.
  • A registration system makes it possible to start an application and complete it at a later point in time.
  • Once you have entered your user data and uploaded documents, you can also use them for subsequent applications.