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Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies

Bachelor’s Degree Program at UAS Technikum Wen


Application deadline: August 31, 2022
Application deadline from non-EU states: August 31, 2022

Supporting People with Modern Electronics and IT

Making everyday life easier: Smart home applications make life easier and more convenient, assistive technologies make everyday life easier for people with disabilities. Students learn how to independently develop, network and integrate the embedded systems required for both fields – from lighting control to voice control. The focus is always on people, and technology is subordinated to their needs. Assistive technologies support people with special needs as well as elderly people and allow them to achieve a high degree of autonomy in everyday life. An integral core aspect of assistive technologies is smart homes, i.e. the intelligent automation of people’s immediate living environment. Smart homes include control and regulation tasks in the areas of lighting, shading and air conditioning.

Program Overview


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  • Start of semester: September
  • Costs per semester: € 363.36 tuition fee, € 21.20 ÖH fee
  • Presence times: Monday to Friday during the day
  • Work placement in the 6th semester
  • a Bachelor thesis
  • Duration: 180 ECTS-Points, 6 Semester
  • Possibility for a semester abroad
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Career Prospects

Graduates are able to develop and integrate modern electronic and ICT products with a focus on simple and safe usability in the home for people with disabilities. They work as product and system developers, as consultants and as system integrators. New technologies for smart home systems, automation and digitalization require experts who have a broad basic knowledge – the job opportunities are therefore correspondingly positive. In addition to traditional smart home providers, other sectors are also interested in such professionals, such as the electrical and electronics industry.

What Jobs and Functions Do Graduates Hold?

  • Graduates are mainly employed in the sectors of the electrical and electronics industry, information and communication technology, and health and medical technology.
  • You work as a system programmer, in system integration, as an application developer, in sales and logistics, consulting or product management.
  • Typical tasks include software development, design of embedded systems, implementation of network and internet communication, selection of parts and components, development of accessible user interfaces and mobile applications, optimization and adaptation of assistive technologies for people with special needs
Friedrich Praus
We focus on technology that is easy and useful for people to use. Students receive a broad basis in electronics and ICT and delve into smart homes and assistive technologies in the higher semesters.
Friedrich Praus
Program Director
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The study program “Smarthomes and assistive technologies” has fascinated me with many practical lab exercises (3D printing, installation technology…). But especially with my personal highlight so far, where a separate floor is provided for the study program, the Smart Living Lab, where both smart homes and assistive technologies are integrated, which allows us students not only to get a practical approach to what we have learned, but to test our ideas right away in practice and experiment with them.
Fabian Vaz
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Smart homes and assistive technologies are in a degree program together because anything that helps a person who doesn’t want to get off the couch can also help a person who is wheelchair bound.
Gabriel Fitzko

General Information


For a bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien, you should have a certain technical interest and have completed the school-leaving examination. A relevant professional qualification is also considered to fulfill the admission requirements.


UAS Technikum Wien offers

  • extensive use of modern didactic methods
  • optimal combination of on-site teaching and online-supported self-study phases.

Students have the oppurtunity

  • to organize their learning activities with a high degree of flexibility in terms of time and place,
  • to learn guided by virtual learning paths and to voluntarily self-check their own learning progress,
  • to study in an application- and solution-oriented manner.

Our students are prepared for independent lifelong learning in their careers.


Starting in 2023/24, internationalization will play an important role for students at UAS Technikum Wien and will become a fixed component of every curriculum. The possibilities are diverse and adapted to the different circumstances of the students: from excursions lasting several days to semesters abroad, from acting as an International Buddy for others to writing the Bachelor thesis in English. All bachelor students complete at least 5 ECTS from a wide range of measures.

News from this Program


Friedrich Praus
FH-Prof. Mag. DI Dr. Friedrich Praus

Program Director Bachelor Information and Communication Systems and Services
Program Director Bachelor Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies

+43 1 333 40 77 - 2577friedrich.praus@technikum-wien.at
Tina Meichl
Tina Meichl, MA

Administrative Assistant
Bachelor Electronic Engineering
Bachelor Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies

+43 1 333 40 77-7323 tina.meichl@technikum-wien.at


The next step to study Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies is to apply via our online application system:

  • The entire application process is handled via a dedicated application website.
  • Your data is stored securely and is being treated with strict confidentiality.
  • A registration system makes it possible to start an application and complete it at a later point in time.
  • Once you have entered your user data and uploaded documents, you can also use them for subsequent applications.

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