Data-Driven, Smart & Secure Systems

Secure Services, eHealth & Mobility

Health and mobility are essential basic human needs and, at the same time, drivers of innovation for the Austrian economy. In our information society, the effective and efficient support of people, organizations and companies through ICT-based, networked services is a central task.

The interdisciplinary research focus develops pioneering concepts, technologies and services in the field of eHealth and mobility and makes them available for embedding in the organizational and social ecosystems.

An essential challenge is to integrate the currently heterogeneous systems via interoperable interfaces based on international standards. Likewise, innovative measuring devices and sensors are increasingly being integrated on the way to the "Internet of Things". Mobile devices and applications play an essential role as interfaces to the users, therefore "human factors" and usability provide substantial contributions. Various sources of information e.g. Environmental factors and the use of existing data bases (such as open data) combine to create holistic concepts (such as smart cities), through which data integration and data analysis provide additional knowledge and intelligent systems.

In the environment of critical and sensitive data, security and safety are essential foundations. This not only affects the core areas of eHealth and mobility, but also more generally the protection of critical information infrastructures.