Further Research Areas

Further Research Areas

A look beyond the horizon is also reflected in our research area. In addition to the five main research areas, the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien also includes other research areas in its activities.

Our research area is also characterized by the broadness of the view we take. In addition to the five main research areas, UAS Technikum Wien also integrates other research areas into its activities.

UAS Technikum Wien has an educational mission, comprising a combination of teaching and research in as many different areas as possible. The projects from “Other research areas” cover a large number of topics.

Some of the projects in the “Other research areas” can also be found in the area of knowledge transfer. Our researchers work, for example, on the development of UAS-wide implementations of eLearning strategies to make vocational study forms more flexible and on support for the development of universities of applied sciences by establishing high-quality service offerings in the life cycle of teaching.

The active research activity is not only reflected in the knowledge transfer projects but also in research that is relevant for practical use. Such as in the PersonalFilmAssistant project or Bioplastics – from knowledge to application.

We focus on variety and diversity in research

The main focus of our research activities is of course on technical matters. Nevertheless, UAS Technikum Wien believes its educational mission is to be versatile in research as well, because the overview and vision enable us to expand and deepen our core competencies.