Tissue Engineering & Molecular Life Science Technologies

Tissue Engineering & Molecular Life Science Technologies

The threats to the environment are as complex and diverse as those of human health. Only with an understanding of the underlying molecular processes can sustainable solution strategies be developed. The R & D focus Molecular Life Science Technologies uses biochemistry as a basic science of molecular and cell biology techniques to develop solutions.

Tissue engineering allows replacement of injured or destroyed tissue in patients by growing new functional tissue from healthy cells in the laboratory. In regenerative medicine, it is mainly stem cells that are stimulated directly in the body for regeneration. Cells can also be used as biosensors and detection systems to detect hormonal substances in the environment. Ecotoxicology allows the use of cells and simple organisms such as bacteria or algae to estimate the risk of chemicals in the environment. Molecular biological techniques are used to elucidate the effects of undesirable substances on humans and the environment.

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