Research for research partners

Zusammenarbeit mit der FH Technikum Wien

UAS Technikum Wien is a partner for companies when it comes to research. They may, on the one hand, commission research and development or collaborate with the UAS in the course of funded projects. 


As part of its R&D strategy, UAS Technikum Wien has institutionalized its research skills in four focal areas:

  • Embedded Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems 
  • Renewable Urban Energy Systems
  • Secure Services, eHealth & Mobility
  • Tissue Engineering & Molecular Life Science Technologies

In addition to these key areas of research, which have become well established over a period of many years, UAS Technikum Wien intends to significantly expand another cross-departmental and interdisciplinary development area:

  • Automation & Robotics

Contract projects

Contract projects are primarily handled via Technikum Wien GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. It has been successfully marketing a wide range of research and research-based activities of the UAS under the brand ‘Project Solutions’ for a number of years now. The range is very wide, extending from feasibility studies through the development of laboratory samples and prototypes to testing finished products.

Funded projects

Research at universities of applied sciences is also always funded research. It is also possible within this framework to work together with UAS Technikum Wien. Small and medium-sized companies have the possibility to make use of innovation vouchers that are processed via FFG. However, the cooperation may also incorporate international projects lasting several years or a Josef Ressel Center. Josef Ressel Centers are funded research centers at universities of applied sciences that strengthen applied research. This first such facility at UAS Technikum Wien is the Josef Ressel Center for Verification of Embedded Computer Systems.

UAS as a research partner 

  • The University of Applied Sciences has signed the European Charter for Researches and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, and may also carry the logo “HR Excellence in Research”.
  • Taking into account aspects of gender and diversity in research is very important to UAS Technikum Wien.
  • The UAS supports national and international initiatives regarding “Responsible Science and Innovation” and works to ensure open access to scientific knowledge.