Research for Researchers


How research and development works at UAS Technikum Wien

At UAS Technikum Wien, research goes hand-in-hand with teaching: scientific employees are usually also active as lecturers. This is how current research results flow directly into lectures. Conversely, students often specifically help with research projects.

Research and development takes places at a total of 15 institutes at UAS Technikum Wien. The institutes cultivate the development of know-how and infrastructure, they plan scientific and personnel development, and they are the professional homes of employees. The aim of the institutes is to bind personnel and expertise over and beyond the term of individual projects, thereby creating the underlying conditions for sustainable research activities.

An increasing number of female researchers are working on research projects at UAS Technikum Wien as well – a pleasing development that is not (yet) a matter of course in technical areas.

Furthermore, since March 2013, a cooperation with the Australian RMIT University has enabled researchers to complete a PhD program from the partner university at the UAS Technikum Wien. The issues are either set by RMIT or UAS Technikum Wien, or they are submitted by the candidates. This can happen with or without the support of a company.

How we research

Staff at UAS Technikum Wien conduct research:

  • in contract projects, in funded projects, and in combined versions
  • in national and international teams
  • in consortia
  • multidisciplinary
  • project-based but with an eye on long-term developments
  • embedded in the scientific community

Treating researchers fairly

As a sign of its self-imposed obligation to handle researchers fairly, the head of the UAS Technikum Wien, i.e. the rector and managing director, has signed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Since May 2015, the UAS may also carry the logo “HR Excellence in Research”.

Current vacancies for R&D employees can be found in the Careers section.

Open Access

UAS Technikum Wien is jointly involved with other Austrian universities in several initiatives to actively design open access.