Dual Career Service/ Euraxess Contact Point

UAS Technikum Wien has been a member of the Dual Career Service Vienna – Lower Austria – Upper Austria since 2016. This network of universities helps foreign researchers to find a job in Austria for their partners, providing them with information on life and living in Austria. Since 2017, UAS Technikum Wien has also been a EURAXESS Centre (ESC), supporting the mobility of researchers within the EU.

Challenges for foreign researchers

Starting a new job abroad is a challenge not only for researches but for their partners as well. One of the main concerns, along with gathering relevant information on how to deal with authorities and organise proper child care, is finding a job for the partner. Via Dual Career Service and in its function as Euraxess Contact Point, UAS Technikum Wien helps people to get to grips with these challenges. These networks help highly qualified partners to find a job corresponding to their skills. Thus, UAS Technikum Wien makes a contribution to improving the work-life balance of foreign researchers.



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