Gender & Diversity in Research

Gender & Diversity in Research

What does research have to do with gender & diversity?

A lot. Research and research processes are not possible without taking aspects of gender and diversity into account. Research is related to people, and people live in gender roles as well as in individual realities of life.

What do gender & diversity have to do with research?

A lot. Considering the individual realities of life of the user groups (gender, age, impairments, different cultures, etc.) is an essential factor for success when it comes to developing technical products and solutions. Assuming uniform or stereotyped target groups carries the risk that the result may reveal what are known as “blind spots”, thus causing problems in implementation or application (e.g. facial recognition software without considering dark skin color, voice recognition software without considering female voices, mobility surveys without sufficiently considering older people, etc.). 

In order to take these different needs into account and integrate them as effectively as possible, particular attention must be paid to diversity in research teams. Different perspectives must be included at an early stage, namely at the target setting stage of the research project. Different perspectives promote creativity and innovation, knowledge of gender and diversity aspects forms a basis for understanding, tolerance and appreciation in the team.

What do we want to achieve with this platform?

With this platform, UAS Technikum Wien demonstrates that the integration of gender and diversity aspects in research and research projects

  • is oriented towards the different needs of an increasingly diverse society and environment, thus demonstrating sustainability,
  • shows social responsibility, as disadvantaged groups and their realities of life are taken into account and are included, and
  • is to be regarded as added value, thus helping ensure the quality and excellence of research results.

With this research platform, the University of Applied Sciences wants to draw attention to a high-quality and sustainable examination of gender and diversity aspects in R&D. The relevance of integrating gender and diversity aspects in research teams and research projects should be highlighted: 

  • as an information platform for researchers in general, and
  • as an opportunity for researchers to present their research project with regard to the integration of gender and diversity aspects and the setting of priorities.