Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In May 2015, UAS Technikum Wien became the first university of applied sciences in Austria and one of only five Austrian facilities to be granted permission to carry the logo “HR Excellence in Research”. This award is conferred under the EURAXESS initiative by the European Commission to research organizations that pursue the implementation of the “European Charter for Researchers” and the “Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers” with a clear strategy.

Back in 2012, FH-Prof. DI Dr. Fritz Schmöllebeck and Ing. Dr. Michael Würdinger, as Rector and Managing Director, respectively, of UAS Technikum Wien, signed the Charter and Code of Conduct and officially declared the UAS’ commitment to this initiative (see toolbox). In order to enable UAS Technikum Wien to address the principles of these documents explicitly and to translate these into a personnel strategy for researchers, it applied for the European Commission's HRS4R project and was included in its fourth and final cohort.

The HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) project assists and supports the actual implementation of the principles of the Charter and Code in the situation specific to the institution concerned, in the country in question, and under the given circumstances. In the fall of 2014, the outcome was presented in the form of a personnel strategy for researchers and approved by the Rector's Office and the Management (see toolbox). The EU Commission recognized this R&D personnel strategy adopted by UAS Technikum Wien by awarding the logo “HR Excellence in Research” to the university.  

A second internal project is now set to implement the R&D personnel strategy step by step. To ensure that the package of measures is realized on a continuous basis, the results will be evaluated internally in 2017 and externally by the EU Commission in 2019.

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