Admission deadlines for the academic year 2021/22

The application deadline for all degree programmes is 31 May 2021.

For all applications outside the EU (here is the country taken, where you have obtained your degree) the deadline is 30 April 2021.

The following programs have extended their deadlines:


Degree Program Deadline
Electronic Engineering 30.06.2021
Electronics and Business (evening form) 30.06.2021
Electronics & Business (distance study) 30.06.2021
Human Factors and Sports Engineering 30.06.2021
Computer Science (day form) 30.06.2021
Information and Communication Systems and Services 30.06.2021
Mechanical Engineering 30.06.2021
Mechatronics/Robotics 30.06.2021
Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies 30.06.2021



Degree Program Deadline
AI Engineering 30.06.2021
Data Science 30.06.2021
Embedded Systems 30.06.2021
Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology 30.06.2021
Internet of Things and Smart Systems 30.06.2021
Power Electronics 30.06.2021
Mechanical Engineering 30.06.2021
Mechatronics/Robotics 30.06.2021
Ecotoxicology & Environmental Management 30.06.2021
Sports Technology 30.06.2021
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 30.06.2021
Informations Systems Management 30.06.2021


We look forward to receiving your applications!