Admissions process for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs

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​In order to apply for the Bachelor's degree program Biomedical Engineering, you will be redirected to our online application system: 

  • The complete admission process is being handled on the application platform.
  • Your data is secure. 
  • Thanks to a user registration system, it is possible to start an application and complete it later.
  • You can also use your saved data or uploaded documents for further applications at UAS Technikum Wien.

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Admissions process bachelor's degree program

The placement test is a multiple choice test. During the placement test, you will solve problems from various fields of knowledge on the computer. Depending on the degree program, participants are asked secondary-level questions from different areas. The following table provides an overview per degree program of the fields of knowledge required for the placement test.

Fields of knowledge in placement test
Degree Program Analytical Thinking English Mathematics Physcis
Biomedical Engineering
Business Informatics  
Computer Science  
Electronic Engineering
Electronics and Business  
Electronics and Business Distance Study
Information and Communication Systems and Services  
International Business and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies
Sports Equipment Technology
Transport and Environment  
Urban Renewable Energy Technologies

Please notice: If you apply for several bachelor's programs, you may complete the placement test only once. It does not matter in which of the selected degree programs you registered, but you must make sure that the same knowledge areas are queried in all courses (see table above). If not, please ensure that you make a placement test in all necessary areas of knowledge. Therefore please notify us along with the registration for the placement test whether you registered in other degree programs and if so, in which.

No previous specialized technical knowledge is required for the placement test. Specialized knowledge is only tested in the case of applicants who would like to be exempted from the first semesters.

Depending on the degree program, placement tests are held at UAS Technikum Wien between April and September. 

The final step in the application/admissions process is a personal admissions interview with the program director.

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Admission process master's degree program

Prospective students who fulfill the formal admission requirements for a master's degree program can apply for admission into a degree program. 
The main component of the admissions process is a personal interview between the prospective student and the program director. Some degree programs also require applicants to take a written test in the relevant field.