Studying in Austria

Lernen an der FH Technikum Wien

Admission requirements for studying in Austria

In Austria, prospective students have to have completed a total of twelve years of school in order to be eligible to attend a university or a university of applied sciences. At the end of the twelfth school year, secondary school students take the university entrance qualification exam, which is called Matura in Austria. The Matura is an admission requirement for all degree programs (bachelor's, Diplom and Magister) at Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences. 

Austria has signed bilateral and multilateral agreements with many countries concerning the mutual recognition of secondary school diplomas. Such agreements ensure that foreign secondary school diplomas are recognized in Austria. This makes foreign secondary school graduates eligible to study at all universities and universities of applied sciences in Austria.

Equivalent exams

Prospective students from countries that do not have such an agreement with Austria and who have a secondary school diploma that is similar to the Matura can have their foreign diploma recognized in Austria. This generally means that students have to take corresponding exams in the subjects that are not recognized. After the successful completion of these exams, the foreign secondary school diploma is recognized as equivalent to the Matura. This means that the admission requirements for studying in Austria are satisfied. 

In order to be admitted to a master's degree program, students must provide proof that they have been awarded an academic degree (e.g. a bachelor's degree). The academic degree must fulfill the technical prerequisites for the master's degree program. The program director is responsible for all decisions regarding the fulfillment of the program's technical prerequisites.

Sufficient German language skills

In addition to a secondary school diploma, sufficient German language skills are a prerequisite for the bachelor's and master's degree programs at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien because the language of instruction is German (exceptions: the Electronics and Business distance study bachelor's degree program, the Medical Engineering & eHealth master's degree program, the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine master's degree program). Generally, written certification of the student's German skills is required. The program director is responsible for all decisions in cases in which a written certification of the student's German skills cannot be provided.