Biomedical Engineering: career prospects for graduates

Biomedical engineers are highly sought-after specialists in a wide range of medical and technical fields. Graduates of the Biomedical Engineering degree program therefore have excellent career prospects. They work in healthcare, institutional medicine, medical technology, and medical research, helping to bridge the gap between medicine and technology. 

What jobs and functions do graduates perform?

  • Product manager for manufacturers of medical-technical devices
  • Employee in medical laboratories
  • Researcher in medicine and medical technology
  • Consultant for medical products
  • Safety engineer
  • Specialist for the maintenance of medical-technical equipment in hospitals
  • Developer of medical technology systems (e.g. doctors’ offices, hospitals)
  • Integration manager for IMAC (image management and information systems)
  • System administrator for hospital information systems
  • Project manager in the manufacturing of biomaterials and cell culture facilities
  • Quality manager in biotechnology facilities 

Emphasis: Medical and Hospital Engineering

Marketing, product management and sales of medical-technical equipment; medical product consultant and safety officer; implementation of the Medical Product Act at manufacturers and hospitals; safety engineer for medical technology systems; clinical research and development; safety technician in hospitals; development of medical-technical procedures and equipment; quality assurance

Emphasis: Medical Imaging and Data Engineering

Telemedicine: tele-dermatology, tele-ophthalmology, connection of relevant equipment to the information systems for the transmission of data to doctors; data processing in the field of biomedical technology; development of software, algorithms, and analysis tools; analysis, design, development, testing, and roll-out of medical software, hospital information systems, electronic health records; software development in the field of insurance and healthcare

Emphasis: Rehabilitation Engineering

Material and equipment design in prosthetics and rehabilitation technology; service and operation of complex medical-technical equipment and systems in rehabilitation facilities; development of technical rehabilitation procedures and equipment, measurement engineering and motion analysis; marketing and sales of medical-technical equipment; product management and consulting

Emphasis: Cell and Tissue Engineering

Development, manufacturing, quality assurance, product consultation, and sales of procedures and materials in the field of biomaterials and cell and tissue engineering; development of new product and manufacturing procedures or procedure steps; monitoring of biotechnology facilities for compliance with biological safety regulations and quality assurance measures