Electronic Engineering: admission requirements

To apply for the Electronic Engineering bachelor’s degree program, you must have a general university entrance qualification or a professional qualification in a related field. You must demonstrate general matriculation eligibility by providing one of the following documents:

  • Austrian certificate of eligibility for matriculation
  • Vocational matriculation exam certificate
  • Certificate of eligibility for university entrance for the relevant university program
  • Certificate from another country considered equivalent to one of these Austrian certificates by an international agreement or otherwise recognized; alternatively, the director of the Austrian university degree program may determine equivalence in individual cases
  • Document attesting to the completion of a degree program lasting at least three years at a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Austria or another country

The required language skills for the respective study program are the equivalent of at least B2 of the Common European Framework Reference for Languages and evidenced by means of corresponding certification. Applicants that have a school-leaving certificate or university degree in the required language are not required to submit a certificate confirming their language ability.

A number of documents (e.g. leaving certificates) are required to show that you meet the admission requirements for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. If your documents were issued abroad, you will need to have these certified in line with the relevant guidelines so that they can be recognized in Austria – and thus by UAS Technikum Vienna. If your documents have not been issued in German or in English, you must also submit a German or English translation which must also meet certain criteria. You can select the country in which your documents were issued on the following page, from which you are then forwarded to the associated legalization regulations and translation rules.

List of countries with legalization regulations

For further information concerning admission procedures please contact our administrative assistant.