International Business and Engineering: bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien

The Bachelor's program combines technology and business in an international context.

International Business and Engineering is the bachelor’s degree program at the intersection of technology and the global economy. This program focuses on the development of new products and the production procedures needed to do so and on the organization of efficient and productive processes in company management.

Students learn:

  • Use the right mathematical models and methods for the task and interpret results
  • Understand and explain physical and chemical processes in conjunction with technical matters
  • Solve engineering tasks using information technology and scientific methods (mathematics)
  • Analyze and compare production engineering procedures for manufacturing products and assess their technical and economic suitability, taking design, product properties, machinery, and plants into account
  • Select materials specifically for given requirements and determine production sequences and post-processing
  • Use methods for generating, sorting, narrowing down, and selecting ideas based on objective and subjective decision-making criteria and a risk assessment
  • Analyze, assess, and monitor key issues in business administration and strategic management tools based on the situation
  • Implement a business way of thinking and acting (establishing cost consciousness, market focus) in professional applications
  • Assess companies’ business and technology practices to optimize operations (resource optimization)
  • Use common logistics concepts and methods in a company-specific context
  • Use select practical quality management procedures, such as FMEA, FTA, QFD, DoE, SPC, and measurement engineering
  • Develop and implement a company environment management system

What will I be able to do in the field after earning this degree?

Graduates of the International Business and Engineering bachelor’s degree program are technicians with diverse training and business expertise.

  • They work in industries such as machine building, metal manufacturing, transportation, logistics, management consulting, and engineering.
  • They are employed as operating, production, or planning engineers; product developers; or technical consultants.
  • Their typical tasks include project management, determining standards and guidelines, consulting, and analyzing staffing.  

Career prospects

What are the admission requirements?

You must have one of the following to apply for the International Business and Engineering bachelor’s degree program:

  • Matriculation exam (HTL, AHS, or BHS Matura)
  • Vocational matriculation exam
  • University entrance qualification exam in a relevant field
  • Relevant vocational training with additional qualification (an entrance exam or qualification exam at UAS Technikum Wien)

Admission requirements

What advanced programs does UAS Technikum Wien offer?

Internationalization of studies

Starting in 2022/23, internationalization will play an essential role for students at UAS Technikum Wien and will become a fixed component of every curriculum. The possibilities are diverse and adapted to the different framework conditions of the students: from excursions lasting several days to semesters abroad, from acting as an international buddy for others to writing the Bachelor thesis in English. All Bachelor students complete at least 5 ECTS from a wide range of measures.

All about the internationalization of studies

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