Sports Equipment Technology: career prospects for graduates

Sports equipment technicians are able to work in professions in the sports equipment industry and in related branches of industry, in particular production engineering, and in the supervision of sports facilities and specific technical installations for competitive sports. Graduates can also work in research and development.

What industries and sectors employ graduates?

  • Biomechanical measurement engineering
  • Sports equipment (construction)
  • Sports, recreation, and game facilities
  • Sports functions and events
  • Sports clothing
  • Therapeutic fitness/wellness equipment technology

What jobs and functions do graduates perform?

  • Employee in the innovation, research, or development departments of sports technology or medical technology companies and organizations
  • Technical employee for material selection, equipment design
  • Technical consultant for sports facility construction
  • Measurement engineering technician at sports or healthcare companies or organizations
  • Project manager
  • Technical employee in construction and manufacturing

What are some of their typical tasks and activities?

  • Collaborating on the production process, updating production plants according to the latest technology, and monitoring processes
  • Creating product-related material concepts and creating, implementing, and coordinating design studies and consulting for material technology
  • Responsibility for providing technical training to sales managers, managers of sports equipment stores and retail sports equipment companies, etc.
  • Implementing and conducting projects in research and development in the fields of sports equipment technology and biomechanics
  • Collaborating on design, material selection, and facility design based on specific applications and material load in the sports equipment industry and related branches of industry
  • Responsibility for all issues related to the safety of equipment and final inspection of product quality on delivery and during the test phase in the sports equipment industry and in related branches of industry
  • Subject-matter expertise in consulting and customer service for relevant companies
  • Training employees at these companies by sharing relevant product information
  • Advising those responsible in medical fields, training medical staff, demonstrating application techniques related, for example, to the use of physical therapy equipment technologies