Transport and Environment: career prospects for graduates

Transport and Environment: career prospects for graduates

This degree program is an interdisciplinary technical program in the promising field of transportation and mobility. Graduates of the Transport and Environment degree program therefore have excellent career prospects. They perform jobs ranging from research, technology development, and integration of technology into new services to providing services, operations, and maintenance in the field of smart transportation and mobility systems.

What industries and sectors employ graduates?

  • Service companies for transportation, traffic, and environment
  • Infrastructure manufacturers and operators
  • Software and hardware (developers of services, components, and systems)
  • Public administration and regional administration
  • Traffic management and information centers for road, rail, air, and ship transportation
  • Automotive and automotive components
  • Public and regional transportation companies
  • Environmental and civil engineering

What jobs and functions do graduates perform?

  • Project employee
  • Hardware and software developer
  • Telematics application developer
  • Researcher
  • Planning and consulting team member
  • Employee at environmental engineering companies
  • Sales employee

What are some of their typical tasks and activities?

  • Designing and implementing telematics systems and services (components, hardware, and software)
  • Developing software, for example, to support traffic and environment applications
  • Developing web applications and apps for mobile devices
  • Providing support during the preparation of environmental impact assessments
  • Providing support during the creation of traffic models and concepts for mobility solutions, taking environmental aspects into account
  • Designing systems, taking environmental and business constraints into account
  • Developing mobility services, including user and diversity aspects
  • Working on research and development projects