Professionals in the development of computer games: career prospects for graduates

The rapidly growing video and computer game industry is constantly looking for new specialists. So the fields of game development, simulation, and game design offer excellent career opportunities. The spectrum of career options is broad, ranging from game development to game design and game production all the way to simulation and visualization.

Where are graduates employed?

  • Game industry
  • Research and development in computer graphics and simulation
  • Software industry

What jobs and functions do graduates perform?

  • Game developer, scientific/technical employee
  • Game designer
  • Game producer
  • Simulation and visualization developer
  • Researcher in R&D
  • Freelancer; typically as an indie developer

What are some of their typical tasks and activities?

  • Game development
    • Planning software development
    • Developing real-time graphics applications and frameworks
    • Developing network components and multiplayer frameworks
    • Developing bots and artificial, intelligent agent systems
    • Developing games and applications for various platforms
  • Game design
    • Developing the game design in computer games
    • Level design and developing game narratives
    • Organizing the content of games
    • Cross-platform design
  • Game production
    • Management tasks, project management, and quality management in game production
    • Designing team building and communication processes
    • Developing distribution structures and marketing concepts
    • Evaluating and purchasing components and finished game products
  • Simulation and visualization
    • Implementing real-time rendering algorithms
    • Evaluating and utilizing graphics engines and 3D engines
    • Developing virtual reality and artificial life environments
    • Creating 2D and 3D visualizations of simulation models
  • Research and development
    • Contributing scientific work in research projects
    • Publishing activities