Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology: Admission requirements

Master’s degree programs build on a completed bachelor’s degree program and allow students to specialize or focus on topics in more detail or to expand their existing expertise.

You must meet subject-matter requirements to be admitted to the Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology master’s degree program. Prerequisites include a bachelor’s degree from a UAS in a relevant subject matter or an equivalent degree from a recognized post-secondary educational institution (at least 180 ECTS credits) in Austria or another country. If basic equivalence has been established except for a few missing prerequisites, the program director can require students to take exams to establish full equivalence. These exams are taken during the master’s program.

When is my bachelor’s degree considered relevant?

1. Full equivalence is established if the applicant holds a degree in one of the programs below, which are listed by program group:

  • Computer Science, Software
    • Software Engineering, Computer Science, Business Informatics, Media Engineering, Mobile Computing, Computer Security, Information and Communication Systems, IT Security, Geographic Information
  • Electronic Engineering, Communication Systems, Automation
    • Production and Automation Engineering, Mechatronics, Electronic Engineering, Precision and Information Engineering, Sensor Technology and Microsystems, Telecommunications, Logistics, Production and Process Design, Network Engineering, Embedded Systems, Product and Process Engineering, Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics – Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Aviation
  • Natural sciences:
    • Biotechnological Processes, Molecular Biotechnology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Regulatory Affairs, Sports Science
  • Medical services:
    • Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy, Biomedical Analysis, Speech Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Dietetics, Midwifery
  • Medicine
    • Human Medicine, Dentistry, Health Informatics

2. Basic equivalence is established if approximately 60 ECTS credits have been completed in five to seven core subjects. The core subjects are key requirements that students should already have mastered in order to successfully complete the master’s degree program. 

Core subject area

Mathematics and applied mathematics

Basic principles of medicine (e.g. anatomy, physiology)

Basic principles of electrical engineering (e.g. electrical engineering, electronic engineering, electric drive systems, measurement engineering)

Computer science (e.g. programming, data acquisition)

Business administration (e.g. business administration, controlling, marketing, production management, logistics)

Personal development and English


If basic equivalence has been established except for a few missing prerequisites, the program director can require students to take exams equivalent to up to 30 ECTS credits. These exams must be taken at UAS Technikum Wien. If exams exceeding 30 ECTS credits would be necessary, then admission requirements are considered not met.

What prerequisites do I need to meet if I am applying from outside Austria?

Degree program applicants must have language skills equivalent to level B2 or higher of the Common European Framework Reference for Languages and must be able to submit a certificate of their proficiency. Applicants who have a diploma or university degree in the language of instruction are not required to provide a certificate of their proficiency.

The program director can determine on an individual basis whether an applicant meets admission requirements.