Innovation and Technology Management: master’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien

The part-time Innovation and Technology Management master’s degree program deals with obstacles to change in the business environment caused by technical, economic, and social developments. This degree program is taught in German. The degree program is intended for graduates of technical or technical/business UAS and university degree programs; applicants should ideally have at least two years of professional experience. Students learn to:

  • Describe, analyze, conceptualize, and assess complex technical/business-related complete systems
  • Develop and evaluate relevant innovation and technology management projects while taking technical, economic, and social aspects into account, and to make preparations for the implementation of such projects
  • Apply methods for the modularization, distribution, and integration of components in systems for production and administration
  • Conduct and realize specialized studies, concepts, and tests, and draw up meaningful reports and documentation
  • Develop, plan, and implement clearly structured concepts aimed at ensuring the technological competitiveness (technology management) and successful introduction of new products and processes as well as evaluate the results
  • Think and act in an entrepreneurial manner, deal with risks, and analyze, assess, and monitor key issues in business administration
  • Plan, manage, monitor, evaluate, and complete complex projects and assess the associated financial conditions
  • Recognize interdependencies between technology and society and pursue business and social opportunities that emerge from them
  • Deal with simple issues related to intellectual property rights
  • Recognize the needs of internal and external customers as well as various departments within a company and develop solutions that are attractive from a technical/business standpoint and are socially viable

→ More information: Curriculum of the Innovation and Technology Management master’s degree program

What will I be able to do in the field after earning this degree?

“Innovation and technology manager” is generally only found as a job title at large companies, but the qualifications students gain in this degree program are also needed at smaller companies and are in high demand on the job market:

  • Graduates work in a wide variety of sectors, including the automotive industry, electrical engineering, ICT, the energy industry, construction, management consulting, and public administration.
  • They serve as employees or found their own companies.
  • They work, for example, as innovation managers, technology managers, product/service development managers, and project managers, and as consultants for related technical fields or as developers of research strategies.

Their typical tasks include developing innovation management concepts, monitoring and evaluating innovation projects, and performing holistic project management.

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What are the admission requirements?

Applicants to this master’s degree program must have a bachelor’s degree and/or other recognized academic degree from a technical university of applied sciences or university with at least 180 ECTS credits.

→ More information: Admission requirements for the Innovation and Technology Management master’s degree program

What advanced programs does UAS Technikum Wien offer?

UAS Technikum Wien provides support through its lifelong learning offerings even after students complete their master’s program. The UAS Technikum Wien Alumni Club gives its members a number of advantages, and the Technikum Wien Academy offers a wide range of further education options, ranging from one-day seminars to post-graduate master’s courses.

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