Innovation and Technology Management: master’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien

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What is the focus of this degree?

In many industries, globalization and technical progress are leading to considerable increases in the range of products on offer, rising customer demands and ever shorter product life cycles. In increasingly competitive buyer markets, companies must strive more than ever to differentiate themselves from the competition through product, process and business model innovations and thus secure the long-term success of the company.

Both the enormous importance of innovations for the success of a company and the complexity of the innovation process make systematic innovation work necessary. Innovations must not be left to chance; they should be systematically prepared, planned and implemented. Operational innovation and technology management deals with these tasks.

Within the framework of the four-semester extra-occupational Master’s program “Innovation and Technology Management” at UAS Technikum Wien, modern management-oriented concepts and methods (e.g. strategic management, creativity techniques etc.) are taught which are indispensable for successful innovation activities in companies. On the other hand, students deal with both the potentials and the risks of new technologies (e.g. Big Data, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, etc.) which are expected to form the basis of numerous future innovations.

Which skills will I acquire in the course of my studies?

Graduates of the degree program are characterized by an interdisciplinary analytical capability which allows them to master new entrepreneurial problems and challenges by drawing on acquired knowledge and skills from various scientific disciplines (e.g. business administration, technology, computer science, sociology).

After successfully completing their studies, with regard to key professional skills, graduates will be able to

  • systematically plan, control, monitor, complete and evaluate innovation and technology projects
  • identify, analyze and evaluate the risks associated with innovations and, if such risks become apparent, to take appropriate countermeasures and monitor their effectiveness
  • develop innovation strategies to achieve the defined innovation goals
  • carry out market analyses and profitability calculations to evaluate product ideas
  • identify and leverage optimization potential in work and production processes
  • carry out technology forecasts and anticipate the relevance of new technologies for one’s own company or business model
  • initiate and maintain technology collaborations with other companies or universities
  • deal with questions in the field of intellectual property law together with legal experts
  • budget innovation projects and later to control the proper and efficient use of budget resources allocated to the project
  • design and support a professional idea management system in the company for the purpose of mobilizing performance reserves

As regards personal and social skills, the graduates are enabled, among other things, to

  • select and apply from a repertoire of different leadership styles the most suitable one for each situation
  • consider social and ecological aspects as well as economic aspects when dealing with technical problems
  • communicate, present and justify solutions to technical problems in a consistent fashion (including in English)
  • continuously adapt their own specialist knowledge and skills as well as those of their employees to current requirements using suitable personnel development measures
  • inform the relevant stakeholders of the company (e.g. investors, customers, suppliers, employees) about their innovation and technology policies
  • moderate idea workshops using relevant creativity techniques (e.g. design thinking, etc.)
  • accompany the change processes triggered by innovations in the company with suitable change management measures
  • identify the needs of internal and external customers and take the necessary steps to satisfy them
  • to make optimum use of their working time using modern organizational forms (e.g. mobile working, etc.) and communication tools (e.g. video conferences, etc.)

A portrait of graduates

In our video series “A portrait of graduates”, we visit former students at their places of work. They talk about their career and about their studies at UAS Technikum Wien, in this case about the Master’s degree program “Innovation and Technology Management”.

Rudolf Oesterreicher is innovation manager at STRABAG AG.

Ferdinand Dietrich co-founded with two others.

Hanno Lippitsch is founder and managing director of the popular sports booking platform Eversports.

Rudolf Oesterreicher, STRABAG AG

Ferdinand Dietrich,

Hanno Lippitsch, Eversports

When do I meet the admission requirements for an application?

Admission to the Master’s program in Innovation and Technology Management at a university of applied sciences is conditional upon having completed a relevant Bachelor’s program at a university of applied sciences or an equivalent degree program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.

Admission requirements for the Master’s program in Innovation and Technology Management

Other things our students and graduates appreciate in particular

In addition to its interdisciplinary character, we attach particular importance to the high practical relevance of the Master's program, which is put together, for example, by lecturers from the professional world, the processing of real projects for partner companies and the writing of a Master’s thesis with a strong focus on practical application.

A variety of didactic settings, be it case studies, excursions, computer-based business games or e-learning, ensure interactive and varied teaching and are therefore also very much welcomed by our students.

The content of courses with an international dimension, the holding of some courses in English and the possibility of a semester abroad ensure that students will also be able to take advantage of attractive job offers abroad at a later date.

It should also be mentioned that UAS Technikum Wien enjoys an excellent reputation with companies and offers its students the best possible conditions to study with a modern infrastructure (e.g. laboratories, library, refectory, etc.) and numerous other attractive services.

I have finished my degree but I want to continue my education.

UAS Technikum Wien accompanies its graduates throughout their lifelong learning cycle even after they have completed their Master’s degree:

  • Become a member of the UAS Technikum Wien Alumni Club and enjoy a range of different advantages and events.
  • The Technikum Wien Academy offers to all those hungry for learning a wide range of further education courses, from one-day seminars to postgraduate master’s courses.

Who is in charge of the program?

Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Thomas Wala, MBA has been head of the Institute for Management, Economics and Law at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien since February 2017. Previously, he worked as a university assistant at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, as a course director at bfi Vienna University of Applied Sciences, as an auditor at the Austrian Court of Audit and as an institute director at WKW Vienna University of Applied Sciences, among others. His teaching and publication activities focus on accounting, controlling, finance, university didactics and university management.

Program Director, Deputy Program Director

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Program Director International Business and Engineering
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Administrative Assistant

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Mag. Kerstin Ganzera

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