Innovation and Technology Management: Career prospects for graduates

In which branches and sectors do graduates find employment?

Since the need for systematic innovation and technology management is found in companies in all sectors and of all sizes, the graduates of the Master’s degree program “Innovation and Technology Management” have a wide range of activities available to them in industrial companies, service companies and commercial enterprises. In the course of their studies, graduates also obtain the skills required to establish a company in the future (based on an innovative business idea).

The graduates of the degree already have access to numerous professions due to the skills and competences they acquired during their Bachelor’s degree.

Based on the qualifications acquired in the Master’s degree program “Innovation and Technology Management”, the graduates can also, for example, apply for the following positions and functions in companies:

  • Innovation manager
  • Innovation controller
  • Technology manager
  • Change manager
  • Knowledge manager
  • Project manager
  • Product manager
  • Quality manager
  • Process manager
  • Assistant to the Managing Director
  • Digitization officer
  • Information manager
  • Investment controller
  • Investment manager
  • Innovation consultant
  • Development consultant
  • Company founder

As innovation and technology managers, graduates take on, for example, the following tasks and activities in companies:

  • Participation in the development of innovation targets and innovation strategies to achieve them
  • Participation in the development and evaluation of new (digital) business models
  • Participation in decisions concerning the realization of innovation projects, taking into account economic, social and ecological aspects
  • Design, control and monitoring of the innovation process from idea to market launch
  • Participation in the preparation of the research and development program
  • Contributing to the creation of an innovation-friendly corporate culture and designing the corresponding incentive systems
  • Planning and execution of market research projects
  • Management of innovation and technology projects
  • Management of the entire innovation portfolio in terms of multi-project management
  • Carrying out of technology forecasts and assessments
  • Initiation and maintenance of technology collaborations with other companies or universities
  • Participation in the conception and implementation of a knowledge management system for the systematic acquisition, storage and exploitation of knowledge, in particular scientific and engineering knowledge
  • Participation in the development of patent and licensing strategies for the systematic protection and optimal exploitation of own technological competencies

Who are the cooperation partners of the degree program?

The Master’s degree program “Innovation and Technology Management” is integrated into a broad network of organizations and companies.

With these and numerous other network partners, the degree has cooperations with regard to guest lectures, practical projects, Master theses, specialist events etc.