Integrative Urban Development – Smart City: career prospects for graduates

The Integrative Urban Development – Smart City master’s degree offers professional further development in technical fields of activity towards cross-functional integration of urban infrastructure solutions to expand from previously separate individual structures (e.g. just energy, just transport, just environmental solutions) to comprehensively interlinked services for citizens, but also for administrations as well as administration and supply institutions (e.g. energy and data management, electromobility, cooperative transport systems, participative spatial planning).

What sectors employ our graduates?

  • Information and communication infrastructure
  • Energy system and data management
  • Security and protection in networked worlds
  • Services in a smart city
  • ICT and use cases in the smart grid
  • Supply infrastructures
  • Distribution network conversion and network quality
  • Participative urban planning
  • Simulation
  • Transport infrastructures
  • Transport analysis and transport information
  • Logistics and transport – e-mobility