From: All Around the World, to: UAS Technikum Wien

 “In the beginning, our Master’s degree program was only offered in German,” says Acting Program Director of Telecommunications and Internet Technologies, “but we soon discovered that there were so many international students right from the start who were interested in our Master’s. As they were becoming more and more, we decided to have, instead of the two German groups that we initially developed, one international group as well.” Today, Telecommunications and Internet Technologies offers one German speaking group and one English speaking group, where international students from all over the world, from the various countries and cultures come together to study. “We are glad to see that all of them get on well and also learn a lot from each other. We are enriched by the backgrounds of our international students and hope that they also profit from us. We are very pleased that we have developed into a truly international degree program,” Program Director proudly announces. In the following, three of our international students and the administrative assistant of the degree program talk about their experiences in Vienna, what they miss about home and why it is important to find a place for “Aperitivo” in Vienna:

Aida Veispahic, Nader Javadi

  • From: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina  
  • To: UAS Technikum Wien

Bosnian Nobel Prize winner and famous author of my country, Ivo Andric, once said: “Perhaps during my study time in Vienna I was not such a diligent student as I was a passionate reader. When a young man comes from Bosnia, he wants to know everything. It might be a little bit snobbish, but this striving to rise above himself, this aspiration and passion for knowledge – that is what is most important“.  What brought me to Vienna was the chance to learn and gain knowledge, just like Andric, in the heart of Europe, not only in the domain of technology, but also in literature, art, music, culture, architecture, and many others.

I came to Vienna because I knew I would leave the Balkan peninsula and still feel at home as the streets and the architecture here remind me of Sarajevo. In Vienna, you meet people from every part of the world and also make friends from every “corner” of the world. Giving up the comfort of my home and going thousands of miles away, I feel like I am capable of anything. People here are so kind and polite and helpful in every life situation.

The great number of museums, libraries, opera buildings, parks, castles, palaces as well as restaurants, coffee places or beautiful churches make not only Vienna but this whole country very attractive and popular for its inhabitants. The climate nicely corresponds with the seasons so you can go swimming in the beautiful Danube in the summer or go skiing in the Alps during winter. From Austria, it just takes few hours by car and you can be either in the south of Europe or go to the North. Whenever I miss my family, my city and my friends, I just pack my things and meet them within a few hours: breakfast in Vienna, dinner in Sarajevo!

  • Nader JAVADI
  • From: Ardebil, Iran
  • To: UAS Technikum Wien

After my undergraduate studies in Iran, I wanted to continue studying at a German speaking university because I like the engineering education system there – I think it's clearly structured and plays an important role in industry, which is why I chose to come to Vienna. It is a wonderful city full of cultural events and lots of international organizations. In Vienna, there is always something new to experience. The atmosphere at the UAS Technikum Wien is very welcoming and the staff of the Telecommunications & Internet Technologies department is extremely helpful. Here, students from all over the world meet with educated and experienced professors. At the same time, I am studying philosophy at the University of Vienna in my third semester, which is also a unique experience as Vienna once held a noticeable place in philosophy due to the Vienna Circle. Currently I am focusing on my Master’s thesis and am eager to contribute to a successful cooperation with my professors.

  • Victor GORDON
  • From: Accara, Ghana
  • To: UAS Technikum Wien

Touring European countries and observing the different cultures, tastes and opinions, gave me enough options to choose where to study for my Master’s degree. I finally decided to study in Austria because I found a university offering a program that best suites my career development by combining two cross-sectional technologies that play a decisive role in all areas of business into one module so to say an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and IT; a program aimed at addressing this rapidly evolving area by offering a compact, practice oriented postgraduate education at the cutting edge of technology.

My first language is English, however, I also speak very basic French and introductory German plus a few Ghanaian local languages out of the over 50 local dialects. I happened to find an Austrian student that speaks the most predominant local Ghanaian dialect, Twi, in my student dormitory so you can guess what happens whenever we meet. I also like to wear my colorful African clothing and beads (jewelry) when the weather is favorable and do have a lot of admirers on such days.   

I miss a lot about my home country Ghana, including the culture where some degree of noise is allowed as I am a fan of loud music, and of course it’s always summer back home, and last but not least my loving family and my favorite food Banku and Tilapia.

The tradition in Austria that seems most weird to me is having to pay for your own drink when being invited for a party. This is weird because an invitation to a party back home means 100% free food and drinks. Also, an invitation for a date is always paid by the men in 99% of the cases regardless of who asked for the date…so lovely.

I try as much as possible to be true to myself, practice my African values and traditions, which are reflected in the way I talk, prepare my meals which is obviously totally different from others, how I relate to others and of course my crazy hairstyles and choice of clothing. My greatest challenge has been the high cost of housing and the limited opportunities for African students to acquire part-time jobs but on a whole it’s fun to be in Vienna.

  • Vania CESCON
  • From: Fontanelli, Italy
  • To: UAS Technikum Wien

I have been living in Austria for almost four years now, but only moved to Vienna three months ago, where I am now responsible for the administrative part of the Master's degree program Telecommunications and Internet Technologies.

Vienna, to me, is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen so far. I love the buildings and its cozy atmosphere. Nevertheless, living abroad is not always easy: even if you like the place where you are, you always miss home at some point. I miss the easy, open, maybe too intrusive first approach of many Italians, the seaside and meeting colleagues and friends for an “aperitivo“. Still, I like to be here, right at the center of the cultural melting pot. I especially like working in an international environment at UAS Technikum Wien with students from all over the world, which opens a lot of windows to the different cultures, traditions and holidays abroad. And I am glad to have found little places around Vienna where I can also have my “aperitivo.” I am happy with my decision to come to Vienna and hope that the city will continue to surprise me more and more.