International Week 2018

Third International Week on Building Engineering & Energy & Mobility held at UAS Technikum Wien

From January 21 to January 26, 2018, the third international week in the field of Renewable Energies was held at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. Partner institutions of UAS Technikum Wien from China, Mongolia, Portugal, France and Romania gathered to discuss on the issues of Building Engineering, Energy & Mobility.

An excursion to Bruck/ Leitha and Bratislava marked the beginning of the week. In Bruck, the delegation visited the center of Energiepark in Bruck/ Leitha. Managing Director Karin Mottl introduced the concept of the energy region and, in a lively discussion, the international delegation members found out more about the successful concept and how to possibly adapt it to other regions and countries, focusing not only on technological concepts but also on business models. The excursion continued with a round trip through the industrial plants, such as the wind park, biomass and biogas plant and ecoduna, the new bioalgee production plant (see presentation EPK_Praesentation_180122_Technikum.pdf and

In the afternoon, the delegation arrived at the Slovak University of Technology, STU, in Bratislava, where the Vice Rector Stefan Stanko introduced activities in the field of education, international mobility and Research & Development. After the delegations’ presentation of their research areas, the delegation members exchanged ideas on possible joint activities in the future. STU gave insights into various projects in the Faculties of Architecture and Mechanical Engineering (hydro-system lab, Eko-urban smart cities, waste processing and automation labs, automotive sector;

Young Researcher’s Workshop Day

On Tuesday morning, the week officially started at UAS Technikum Wien’s main campus at Höchstädtplatz with opening remarks by the rector Fritz Schmöllebeck. Afterwards, delegates of Portugal and Romania gathered for Workshops on Smart Cities & Mobility for Teaching & Research with colleagues of Information Engineering & Security of UAS Technikum Wien. The delegates of China, Mongolia, France and UASTW met for the Young Researcher’s Workshop Day to proceed with the common projects on Building-Energy-Design. Research Professors presented their recent studies in the field of Buildings and Energy, while students presented their results of this year’s project, Energybase International-Energy Efficient Buildings in China and Mongolia, under the supervision of their professors. The interdisciplinary teams of the partner institutions in the fields of Architecture, Buildings and Energy Design discussed upcoming student and research projects and common activities in the field of curricula development and partner exchange activities.

Science Day

The third day of the week was held under the frame of research: After the opening session with CEO Gabriele Költringer, all delegates came together to discuss research activities of their institutions. The presentations focused on three research topics, namely Building and Energy, Smart Cities and Mobility, IT and Biomed. As common focus, the partners also identified fields of Internationalization. The increase of international activities is one of the main goals of the UASTW project “IoCEST- Internationalization of Curricula”. Hence, the concept of this year’s international week is seen as one major activity to strengthen international relations between partner institutions. Education and study projects as well as research topics were discussed intensively between the participating partners. Common concepts like Double Degree Programs or the organization of a common summer school were identified as further activities in the future.

Visiting BauZ!

Another highlight also marked the end of the week: the participation of partners of UAS Technikum Wien from China, Mongolia and France at the International Congress on Sustainable Building, BauZ!, taking place from January 24 to 26, 2018, that was held in the framework of the Vienna Bauen & Energie trade fair ( Within the panel discussion on international experiences, the following topics were presented by partners and students of UAS Technikum Wien: “Challenges in the implementation of Passivehouses and low energy building concepts in the “hot summer cold winter climate region“ of China and “Passive house engineering in emerging countries.”

Thank you for visiting!

After a week full of discussions, collaborations and exchange, the week in Vienna came to an end, however, the newly established plans have set the foundation for our ongoing cooperation in the future! Thank you to all our partners for joining us in Vienna, for their great input and amazing collaboration over the last few years!


China Three Gorges University 三峡大学, CTGU

ZHANG Gudong, Head of College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

LI Yunjiang, Professor College of Civil Engineering and Architecture

CHEN Yan, Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Student)


Mongolian University of Science and Technology ШУТИС, MUST

MUNKHBAYAR Buyan, Director of Building Energy Efficiency Center

ENEBISH Ninjgarav, Director of School of Civil Engineering Architecture

LKHAMJAV Lkhagvasuren, Megalokomotive LLC


Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, STU

Prof. Michal MASARYK, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Power Machines and Equipment


Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, UTAD

Luís José Calçada Torres Pereira, Director Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s & Master’s

Rute Bastardo, Invited Professor at UTAD, Internationally Awarded Designer

João Agostinho Batista de Lacerda Pavão, Director Electrical and Computers Engineering Bac & Master’s


Université de Savoie Mont Blanc, USMB

Hervé BOILEAU, Instruction & Research, Laboratoire LOCIE


University Transilvania of Brasov

Livia Sangeorzan, Departamental Erasmus+ Coordinator
Dorina Raducana, Vicedean Research and Instruction


University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, UAS Technikum Wien

Gabriele KÖLTRINGER, Managing Director UAS Technikum Wien

Fritz SCHMÖLLEBECK, Rector UAS Technikum Wien

Agnes KRIZ, Deputy Head Center for International Relations, Staff Mobility

Thomas WALA, Head of Department Management and Economy

Manfred TRAGNER, Program Director Urban Renewable Energy Technologies

Christoph MUSS, Building Energy Design, Deputy Program Director

Peter FRANZ, International Coordinator, Department Renewable Energy

Momir TABAKOVIC, Research and Development, Department Renewable Energy

Simon SCHNEIDER, Research and Development, Department Renewable Energy

Matthias SCHINDEGGER, Architect

Cristina OLAVERRI MONREAL, Head of Competence Team – Intelligent Technologies in Smart Cities

Harald WAHL, Program Director Transport and Environment, Master Integrative Urban Development

Philipp URBAUER, Department Information Engineering & Security, Deputy D. Transport and Environment

Theresa KIRCHWEGER, Department Information Engineering & Security, Int. Coordinator

Presentations and pictures

With the following link you can download presentations and pictures from the International Week: