Renewable Urban Energy Technologies goes international

More than 30 % of this year‘s students in the Bachelor's degree program Renewable Urban Energy Technologies took the chance to spend their internship/semester abroad.

  • Partner universities in China and Mongolia are amont the most exciting locations and always a highlight for the students. Urban developement projects in megacities up to a population of10 million aren't state of the art in Austrian dimensions. Beijing, Shanghai, Ulaan Baatar, Altai Mountains, Gobi Desert are only some of the attractions to be visited.
  • Brussels in the heart of Europe is another Metropole where decisions are made. The Internship Program in cooperation with the Austrian Energy Association gives insight in Europe's Energy Policy.
  • Lapland in the North of Finland is famous for its Northern lights. Beyond that, it is under the top five in the field of Renewable Energy in Europe. LAPIN AMK has been a partner of UAS Technikum Wien for 15 years now and is well known for its technological research in the arctic region.
  • Since this year UAS Technikum Wien offers the International Skills Certificate to our students. Under the first celebrities are three students of the Renewable Urban Energy program.