Future Technologies: The impact of Tech on FinTech

Montag, 30. Mai 2022
FH Technikum Wien: Aula, Eingang A-Gebäude

Which technologies could be gamechangers in the near future?

As in any business, success in FinTech is based on the business case.

Since the financial markets are a highly regulated industry, the knowledge about the legal framework is mandatory as well and one important factor for success.

But let's not forget about the third important factor in order to thrive in FinTech: Technology
Especially in FinTech technology is at least critical for security and realiability of services, yet it can be a total gamechanger as well.

Start of registration 2p.m., start of program 2.30 p.m.



Welcome: Rafael Rasinger, Head of Scale ups, Networks and Innovation, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

  • "How quantum technologies could affect your business sooner than you think"
    Dr. Gerd Ch. Krizek, Head of Department Applied Mathematics & Physics at University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
  • “Opportunities and challenges of AI for Anti Money Laundering in Fintech”
    Malgorzata Jedrasiewicz, Lead of financial crime data scientist at Paysafe
  • “Advanced Analytics and Innovation in Banking”
    DI Sabrina Kuhrn, Senior Data Scientist, UniCredit Bank Austria; BSc. Alexander Stieger, Senior Data Scientist, UniCredit Bank Austria
  • „Future tech risks and challenges from a security perspective“ (working title)
    Alexander Schatten, SBA Research
  • „Blockchain and Web3 - a tamper-proof infrastructure for FinTech applications“
    Dr. Zoltan Fazekas, Head of Blockchain, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien


Moderation: Christoph Henrichs, Product and Sales Management Technikum Wien Academy

This event is hosted by Technikum Wien Academy, Vienna Business Agency and Bankenverband as part of FinTechWeek.

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