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Dr. techn. Yi Guo, M.Eng.

Yi Guo


Researcher in Renewable Energy Systems

Mein Bildungsweg:

  • Bachelor Degree in Automation (B.Eng.): Northwestern Polytechnical University, China; 09.2006 – 07.2010
  • Master Degree in Control Engineering (M.Eng.): Northwestern Polytechnical University, China; 09.2010 – 03.2013
  • Doctorate Degree in Electrical Engineering (Dr. techn.): TU Wien, Austria; 07.2013 – 12.2018

Was macht diesen Beruf/ dieses Feld für mich besonders spannend?

The uninterrupted and stable operation of our energy system is required for most of the basic needs in our daily life. At the same time, there is continuous innovation in this field, not just for the sake of increasing efficiencies, but also driven by the requirements and in order to mitigate the threats posed by climate change. This makes the field not only technically interesting, but also highly politically relevant. In any case, a successful transition to the new forms of energy may allow us to achieve energy independence, and thus, secure our wealth and quality of life, even at times of energy crises.

Warum lohnt es sich für mich, in diesem Beruf zu arbeiten?

Working in this field offers very good job opportunities that are not only challenging and varied, but also combine technology with social, political and ecological aspects. Furthermore, as the transition to renewable energies will require many decades to come, this high potential within the field is expected to be sustained throughout my entire lifetime.

Warum bin ich besonders geeignet für diese Arbeit?

My solid technical background, analytical skills, interest in renewable energy technology and energy systems, and desire to contribute to society make me a particularly good fit for this job.

Diesen Rat würde ich meinem 15-jährigen Ich geben:

I know you are going through difficulties and facing tough choices right now. But do not be afraid and please believe in yourself. You have your unique strengths and should certainly not underestimate what you can achieve. There will be a beautiful journey ahead of you. I also want to thank you for the effort you made and the fact that you fought hard to reach where I am now.