Statutes and Mission Statement


The UAS Council adopted the statutes of UAS Technikum Wien in agreement with the operator at its meeting on December 13, 2012.

The statutes of UAS Technikum Wien comprise the following sections:

1. Statute on Election Procedure for the UAS Council Rector

2. Statute on Rules of Procedure for the UAS Council 

3. Statute on Gender Mainstreaming und Diversity Management

PDF icon 02 (2014-11-28) (23.67 KB)

4. Statute on Appointments Procedure and Academic Titles

5. Studies Act Provisions Examination Regulations

6. Statute on General Rules of Conduct

7. Statute on Fire Regulations

8. Statute on Laboratory Regulations for the Chemistry and Cell Culture Laboratories, in particular Chemie- und Zellkulturtechnik-Labor, Elektronenmikroskopie-Labor, Umweltanalytik-Labor, Umweltchemie- und Ökotoxikologie-Labor, Zytometrie-Labor

9. Robot Laboratory Regulations

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10. Statute on Conditions of Study for Degree Programs 

11. Statute on Conditions of Study for CVET Programs 

12. Library Regulations

13. Ombuds Office - University Study Laws