Friedrich Praus

FH-Prof. Mag. DI Dr. Friedrich Praus

Studiengangsleiter Bachelor Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme
Studiengangsleiter Bachelor Smart Homes und Assistive Technologien


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Open-Source Crypto IP Cores for FPGAs - Overview and Evaluation
  • Maurice Billmann, Stefan Werner, Roland Höller, Friedrich Praus, Andreas Puhm, Nikolaus Kerö (2019)
  • Proceedings of 27th Austrochip Conference on Microelectronics, Oct. 24, 2019, Vienna, Austria, pp. 8
Software security requirements in building automation
  • Friedrich Praus, Wolfgang Kastner, Peter Palensky (2016)
  • Beiträge der 8. Jahrestagung des Fachbereichs Sicherheit der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 5.-7. April 2016, Bonn, pp. 217
Identifying Unsecured Building Automation Installations
  • Friedrich Praus, Wolfgang Kastner (2014)
  • Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), September 16-19, Barcelona - Spain, 2014
Spotting Unsecured KNX Installations
  • Friedrich Praus, Wolfgang Kastner (2014)
  • Proceedings of the Konnex Scientific Conference, November 2014
Large scale integration and evaluation of aal technologies in eastern austria - the modulaar project
  • Johannes Kropf, Barbara Prazak-Aram, Lukas Roedl, Friedrich Praus, Christian Siegel (2013)
  • "AAL Forum", Volume Session D3, Sep. 2013, Norrköping, Sweden
Ambient Assitive Technologies: The mobile robot P3AAT
  • Richard Wagner, Peter Wolff, Klaus Schaeffer, Friedrich Praus (2013)
  • Proceedings of the Austrian Robotics Workshop (ARW-13), May 2013, Vienna
Source Code Plagiarism in Computer Engineering Courses
  • Wolfgang Granzer, Friedrich Praus, Peter Balog (2012)
  • 3rd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatic (ICETI12), Mar. 2012
Design & development of a prototype android app for a KNX home
  • Richard Isaacs, Friedrich Praus (2012)
  • KNX Scientific Conference
ANT goes KNX - an open platform gateway for ANT and KNX
  • Luka Samardzija, Friedrich Praus (2012)
  • KNX Scientific Conference