Thomas Mandl

DI Thomas Mandl

Senior Lecturer/Researcher


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Coherent diffractive imaging of proteins and viral capsids: simulating MS SPIDOC
  • Thomas Kierspel, Alan Kadek, Perdita Barran, Bruno Bellina, Adi Bijedic, Maxim N. Brodmerkel, Jan Commandeur, Carl Caleman, Tomislav Damjanovic, Ibrahim Dawod, Emiliano De Santis, Alexandros Lekkas, Kristina Lorenzen, Luis López Morillo, Thomas Mandl, Erik G. Marklund, Dimitris Papanastasiou, Lennart A. I. Ramakers, Lutz Schweikhard, Florian Simke, Anna Sinelnikova, Athanasios Smyrnakis, Nicusor Timneanu, Charlotte Uetrecht (2023)
  • Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, pp. 12
Protein orientation in time-dependent electric fields: orientation before destruction
  • Anna Sinelnikova, Thomas Mandl, Harald Agelii, Oscar Grånäs, Erik G. Marklund, Carl Caleman, Emiliano De Santis (2021)
  • Biophysical Journal
Structural Heterogeneity in Single Particle Imaging Using X-ray Lasers
  • Thomas Mandl, Christofer Östlin, Ibrahim E. Dawod, Maxim N. Brodmerkel, Erik G. Marklund, Andrew V. Martin, Nicusor Timneanu, Carl Caleman (2020)
  • The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Reproducibility in the unfolding process of protein induced by an external electric field
  • Thomas Mandl, Anna Sinelnikova, Christofer Östlin, Oscar Grånäs, Maxim N. Brodmerkel, Erik G. Markl, Carl Caleman (2020)
  • Chemical Science
Optimizing higher education for the professional student. The example of Computer Science education at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
  • Robert Pucher, Gerd Holweg, Thomas Mandl, Benedikt Salzbrunn (2015)
  • Digital Universities. International Best Practices and Applications
Improving Didactics in Computer Science - The Example of the GEMIS and the QUADRO Projects
  • Robert Pucher, Michael Tesar, Thomas Mandl, Gerd Holweg, Fritz Schmöllebeck (2011)
  • International Journal of Education and Information Technologies
Functional electrical stimulation of long-term denervated, degenerated human skeletal muscle: estimating activation using T2-parameter magnetic resonance imaging methods
  • Thomas Mandl, Martin Meyerspeer, Martin Reichel, Helmut Kern, Christian Hofer, Winfried Mayr, Ewald Moser (2008)
  • Artif Organs
Effects of functional electrical stimulation in denervated thigh muscles of paraplegic patients mapped with T2 imaging
  • Martin Meyerspeer, Thomas Mandl, Martin Reichel, Winfried Mayr, Christian Hofer, Helmut Kern, Ewald Moser (2008)