Studying with disabilities, health impairment or chronic illnesses

It is of particular importance to the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien to create fair conditions for all students during the course of study itself as well as during the admissions process. We ask you to contact us as early as possible to enable us to take any action, provide help and make preparations to mitigate any disadvantage in the best way possible.

Do you need support? Do you need specific help or have specific requirements to be able to take part in the admissions process and the course of study? Please contact:

Nicole Sagmeister

Nicole Sagmeister, MA

Head of Gender & Diversity
+43 1 333 40 77-261
Call E-Mail

UAS Technikum Wien would like to offer all applicants access to a course of study without any discrimination. We are aware that physical, mental or health-related conditions are always very personal – which is why UAS Technikum Wien endeavors to offer individual solutions. An excerpt from our statutes:

Statute on

Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity Management 
§ 1. Principle:

(1) “In fulfilling its duties and as far as it is able, UAS Technikum Wien is actively and visibly committed to providing equal opportunities for (potential) students and (potential) employees from different social groups, regardless of ethnicity, religion, ideology, physical or mental disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender.”

Adjustments for applicants and students with disabilities on an individual basis

-> A certificate from a medical specialist is required

  • Individual adjustments regarding the application process (assessment test, interview)
  • Alternative examination forms
  • Assistance dogs are permitted

Buildings and facilities at UAS Technikum Wien (building A,B,F)

  • Barrier-free access to building F
  • Barrier-free access to all lifts in all buildings
  • Barrier-free access to toilets in all buildings
  • Barrier-free access to canteen

Information about studying with disabilities

Counseling centers:

Associations for disabled people:

Ombudsman's office:

Tuition fees

  • In case of a minimum of 50% disability: waiver of study fees 

Statute on Studies Act Provisions / Examination Regulations

§ 6. Tuition Fees (1) “From the winter semester 2015/16, students are exempted from tuition fees, when by federal law, a disability of at least 50% has been determined.”

Erasmus+ semester abroad or internship abroad

  • Erasmus+ Programme special needs support

Erasmus+ participants with physical, mental or health-related conditions can apply for Erasmus+ special needs support, additionally to the regular  Erasmus+ grant, in order  to support their study or internship abroad. 

This is to ensure that all students can take full advantage of an Erasmus+ mobility experience. Please refer to the Center for International Relations for further information. Erasmus special needs support

Please note: Extra funding is also available for students with children!

UAS Technikum Wien is a member of various networks to promote the issue of inclusion both within and outside the UAS. e.g.: Consortium of Austrian universities and colleges on the topic of diversity management; uniability (


ExchangeAbility Videos: Erasmus+ students with disabilities abroad 

Video ExchangeAbility, Budapest (© ExchangeAbility, ESN)

Video ExchangeAbility, Nicosia (© ExchangeAbility, ESN)

Video ExchangeAbility, Tallinn (© ExchangeAbility, ESN)