Third Country

The following documents are required from you for a successful application:

1. Requirement for a Bachelor Access

To apply for a Bachelor degree program, you must have a general university entrance qualification or a professional qualification in a related field.

You must demonstrate general university entrance qualification by providing one of the following documents:

  • Foreign school certificate
  • Documents that go beyond your secondary school diploma (e.g. university entrance exams, assessment exams, transcripts of records, supplementary exams, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion of at least three years of study at a recognized domestic or foreign educational institution,

If the document or certificate is not available at the present time, you will have the opportunity to submit the document by November 15th at the latest.

2. Language Skills Level B2

To attend a degree program, language skills at level B2 or higher (see “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages“) in the instruction language of the degree program are required.

The required language skills must correspond to level B2 of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” in all four skill areas (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and must be presented by means of a certificate at the time of application, but not later than May 31.

Note: Applicants with school education or university degree completed in the required language need no proof of language skills.

In exceptional cases, you have the possibility to submit the certificate until the application deadline of the respective degree program.

3. Proof of Identity
  • Scan of passport or
  • ID card (Front and back side) or
  • a valid Austrian residence document

Driving licence, proof of citizenship, etc. are not accepted!

If you have a foreign passport/identity card* and a residence in Austria, please also upload the valid Austrian residence document.

For applicants from third countries, a deposit of € 250.00 will be charged and an increased tuition fee is required.

Applicants from third countries are those persons who are citizens of a third country and have fulfilled the relevant admission requirements for studying at the UAS Technikum Wien in a third country.

In our Bachelor-FAQ’s you will find further important information: