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Open Data Expo 2023

  • 02 March, 2023 - 02 March, 2023
  • FH Technikum Wien, Höchstädtplatz 6, 1200 Wien

To celebrate the international Open Data Days 2023, the UAS Technikum Wien and the Vienna Business Agency invite you to the 2nd Open Data Expo on March 2, 2023. This year’s motto is again “Experiencing and understanding data”. Numerous applications and projects based on publicly available data will be presented.

Note: This event will be held in German language


  • MA 01 – Information Technology: Lego-Model of Smart City Vienne powered by FIWARE and LEGO®
  • MA 46 – Traffic Management: Bike router
  • Museums of Vienna: Open Government Data of Urban archaeology
  • MA 37 – Building Inspection: Addresses
  • MA 33 – Public Lighting: WiFi, Traffic Control
  • MA 22 – Environmental Protection: Viennese air monitoring network
  • MA 15 – Public Health Services:
    • Wastewater analyses
    • Epidemiological monitoring
  • Wiener Linien: Open Data @WienerLinien
  • MA 20 – Energy Planning:
    • Energy data & energy flow in Vienna
    • Energy maps & energy showcase projects from Vienna
  • UAS Technikum Wien: Open Data in education
    • Multimodal Information Screen & Public transport assistant
    • Recent Open Data projects of the UAS Technikum Wien (Locationmapper, Earthquake Visualization, etc.)
  • Parliament: Open Data services of the Parliaments
  • BMF, BRZ, MA 01: Open Data sind limitless
  • Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO): Data Spaces
  • MA 41 – Surveying and Mapping: Geographic data


  • 09:00 AM – 09:20 AM: Opening
  • 09:20 AM – 03:00 PM: free access to the exhibition and projects of the Open Data Expo
  • 10:00 AM – 03:00 PM: Workshops (held in German language)
    • Workshop 1: 10 AM: “First steps to analyze open data” UAS Technikum Wien, University for Continuing Education Krems; Room EDV_F2.02
    • Workshop 2: 11 AM: DIO, Nina Popanton, Room HS_F0.02
    • Workshop 3: 01 PM: Sindre Wimberger, City of Vienna, MA 53, ChatGPT; Room EDV_F2.02


Open Data are publicly available data and datasets that are provided by different companies and organizations and may be used by anyone for any purpose. This results in numerous use cases and opportunities to develop new applications and apps.

For more than 12 years, various activities and events around the Open Data Days have been taking place worldwide to highlight the importance of publicly available data. In Vienna, an Open Data Expo will now be held for the 2nd time and a data walk (on March 3, 2023) will be organized.

Meeting point for the data walk is at 13:00 at the archaeological remains at Michaelerplatz. Details can be found at the following link: (GER)

The data walk will conclude in a visit to the Parliament with a panel of experts (registration is required): (GER)

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