Countries with bilateral agreements: no legalization necessary

Your documents were issued in a country with which Austria has concluded a bilateral legalization agreement. This means that the documents do not need to be certified. 

Rules for translations

  • The translation must be affixed to the original certificate or a certified copy thereof.
  • If the translation was prepared by an officially registered, sworn and judicially certified translator in Austria, no additional legalization is required.
  • Translations made abroad of foreign certificates must also been prepared by a sworn and judicially certified translator officially registered in the respective country and are to be treated like foreign original documents in respect of legalization regulations, i.e. the method to certify the documents is the one applicable to the country in which the translation was made. However, because the country in which the translation was made is not necessarily the same as the country issuing the original document, it is entirely possible that different legalization regulations apply to the original certificate and the associated translation. 

Questions concerning legalization and translation

Please contact the degree program for which you have applied if you have any questions about legalization.