New Chairmanship and Executive Board 

02 February, 2021

Florian Eckkrammer joins Gabriele Költringer in management. Kurt Hofstädter succeeds Lothar Roitner as president.

Florian Eckkrammer joins Gabriele Költringer in management. Kurt Hofstädter succeeds Lothar Roitner as president.

41-year old Florian Eckkrammer, who hails from Salzburg, was appointed second Managing Director on 1 February 2021. He is a graduate in business informatics and has been with UAS Technikum Wien since 2007. He most recently headed the Computer Science Department. As the second Managing Director, he will in future be responsible for the Teaching & Learning Center as well as for research and development, internationalization, cooperation at national and international levels with other universities and industry along with IT and process management. “The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien occupies a special position in the country’s higher education and research landscape and operates as an international masthead for Austria. It’s also an important partner to domestic industry and contributes a great deal to the innovative power that Austria offers as a business location. I’m delighted to have now joined the management team and consequently to be able to contribute to the university’s progress in future alongside Gabriele Költringer and the dedicated team,” Florian Eckkrammer said. He will be bringing his entire expertise in the fields of digitalization and internationalization to the position.

The process to complete the management was launched at UAS Technikum Wien in December 2020. A hearing produced the final decision in favor of Florian Eckkrammer. Gabriele Költringer continues to be responsible for Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Compliance and Legal as well as Quality and Facility Management. She will also continue to represent the University of Applied Sciences externally and in exchanges with public authorities.

Kurt Hofstädter is the new president

There have also been changes to the chairmanship at UAS Technikum Wien. Lothar Roitner, University President since 2012, retired at the end of 2020. His successor is Kurt Hofstädter. Kurt Hofstädter is Director Digital Strategy at Siemens AG Austria and Chairman of ‘Plattform Industrie 4.0’.

“I’m very much looking forward to this task and would like to thank Lothar Roitner for the dedication he brought to the position of president during his eight years in office. He has successfully accompanied the university of applied sciences’ expansion and intensified the contacts between it and the electrical and electronics industry to the benefit of both sides. He also identified the training and availability of a highly qualified workforce as a fundamental location factor,” Kurt Hofstädter said. “Digital transformation is a topic that will occupy Austria intensively and accompany the country as well as the domestic industry in particular for years to come. It will only be possible for such a transformation to succeed if our education system produces enough highly qualified and technically well-trained specialists. UAS Technikum Wien is making an essential contribution in this regard and is thus an important factor in Austria’s efforts towards digitalization. I’m convinced that, with the pursuit of quality in teaching and research and as a pioneer in digitalization and international orientation, we will continue to successfully fill this role in the future, and I would like to make my contribution to that end.”

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