Employability enhancement in the field of renewable energies, on the basis of closer collaboration between university and industry 

Within this project we focus on renewable energies with the overall goal to enhance employability. The energy generation landscape in South Africa is undergoing a fundamental transition, as the vision of the energy strategy is to contribute to an affordable energy for all.

Closing the gap between TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges) studies and diploma study by the definition of industrial experience requirements for University of Technology (UoT) diploma students. This leads to an increased preparedness and “studyability” of UoT diploma students. Industrial stakeholders will be integrated into the process. The project will develop an “Industrial Portal” as working tool.

Increasing industrial experience in UoT bachelor education by the integration of practical experience into the curriculum. Within the project offered Fast-Track Acceleration program for graduates, enables students for a fast employment or starting a new enterprise in the field.

To increase industry cooperation in post graduate education “OpenLabs” and “MobileLabs” are developed within the project. It is intended that industry brings industrial problems into the “Labs”, which will then be solved by the students.

Workshops and summer schools guarantee that best-practices in defining and implementing the measures are being used, that input of all relevant stakeholders (i.e. South African students) is been taken into account.


Renewable Energy Systems
Department Industrial Engineering
European Union
from January 2020 to January 2023
Mag. Daniel Bell
Mag. Daniel Bell

Head of Competence Center Resilient Energy Systems
Research Focus Manager Renewable Energy Systems
Senior Lecturer/Researcher

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