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The project PrepaCareXR aims at creating digital twins for healthcare training by combining e-resources and cross-border best practices of a multidisciplinary and international group of experts in healthcare, engineering, and design and visualisation as well as medical professionals. By using real-world applications, ICT-enriched learning, and collaborative practices, focus is set on the inclusive nature of learning and teaching opportunities in the various formats (blended, distance, on-site). PrepaCareXR enables the shift of healthcare training to blended and distance learning and proposes a new way of educating current and future healthcare professionals to improve efficiency and competitiveness of the European healthcare sector.

Consortium Members:

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Data-Driven, Smart & Secure Systems
Department Life Science Engineering
from March 2021 to February 2023
FH-Prof. Mathias Forjan, PhD, MSc
Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Balz, BSc

Junior Lecturer/Researcher

+43 1 333 40 77 - 8845andrea.balz@technikum-wien.atDetails