The concept of school partnerships

In collaboration with schools, school authorities, the city of Vienna and the business community, UAS Technikum Wien is dedicated to encouraging young academics in order to make a long-lasting contribution in securing Vienna as a business location.

The strengthening and intensification of the exchange of expertise with institutions of higher learning and all the other institutions involved plays an important role in this. Having contact to secondary school students at an early stage ensures that they are well informed about the educational opportunities and practical orientation offered by the degree programs at UAS Technikum Wien. In order to establish this early opportunity to make contact with future students and connect the university of applied sciences with institutions of higher learning, the concept of school partnerships was enacted in 2005.

The school partnerships aim to help partner schools to enhance their educational programs and to encourage gifted, interested students. For this purpose, UAS Technikum Wien provides a range of offers for upper secondary school students (especially in their second-to-last and final years). The possibilities on offer range from excursions and workshops at UAS Technikum Wien to guest lectures during lessons and support for projects carried out by secondary school students.

Current School partnerships

  • AHS Theodor Kramer-Straße
  • Berufsschule für Maschinen-, Fertigungstechnik und Elektronik
  • BG 13 Fichtnergasse
  • BGRG 8 Albertgasse
  • BG/BRG Klosterneuburg
  • BG/BRG Mödling Keimgasse
  • BG/BRG Perchtoldsdorf
  • BRG 18 Schopenhauerstraße
  • BRG Wien XIX
  • Brigittenauer Gymnasium
  • De La Salle Schule Marianum RG und ORG
  • Ella Lingens Gymnasium
  • Erich Fried Realgymnasium
  • Goethe-Gymnasium
  • GRG 15 Schmelz
  • GRG 17 Hernalser Gymnasium Geblergasse
  • GRG 21 "Bertha von Suttner" – Schulschiff
  • GRG 21 Franklinstraße
  • GWIKU 18 Haizingergasse
  • Hertha Firnberg Schulen für Wirtschaft und Tourismus
  • HLW10 Reumannplatz
  • Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für Tourismus und wirtschaftliche Berufe
  • HTL Hollabrunn
  • Laaerberg Gymnasium
  • Liese Prokop Privatschule
  • Lise Meitner RG "Schottenbastei"
  • Polgargymnasium Wien 22
  • Privates Gymnasium Sacre Coeur Wien
  • Schulverein Institut Sta.Christiana (Fachschule und Aufbaulehrgang für wirtschaftliche Berufe)
  • Sperlgymnasium
  • Tourismusschule Wien 21
  • Wiedner Gymnasium