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Universal Access Panel: A Novel Approach for Accessible Smart Homes and IoT
  • Christoph Veigl, Benjamin Klaus, Benjamin Aigner, Manuel Wagner (2022)
  • Computers Helping People with Special Needs / Proceedings of the 18th International Conference ICCHP-AAATE 2022, July 11-15, 2022, Lecco, Italy
Energy-Efficient Real-Time Operating Systems: An Approach using Dynamic Frequency Scaling and Worst-Case Execution Time Aware Scheduling
  • Thomas Jerabek, Benjamin Aigner, Florian Gerstmayer, Jürgen Hausladen (2017)
  • The 10th International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics (CENICS 2017), September 10-14, 2017 - Rome, Italy
Personalized Computer Access for People with Severe Motor Disabilities - AsTeRICS, FlipMouse and the Two-Level Personalization Software Engineering Method
  • Christoph Veigl, Martin Deinhofer, Benjamin Aigner, Klaus Miesenberger (2017)
  • International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population 2017
FLipMouse - a Flexible Alternative Input Solution for People with Severe Motor Restrictions
  • Benjamin Aigner, Veronika David, Martin Deinhofer, Christoph Veigl (2016)
  • 7th International Conference on Software Development and Technologies for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-exclusion, December 1-3, 2016 - UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal
Online Offset Correction of Remote Eye Tracking Data: A Novel Approach for Accurate Gaze-Based Mouse Cursor Control
  • Christoph Veigl, Veronika David, Martin Deinhofer, Benjamin Aigner (2015)
  • Proceedings of the 7th ICT Innovation Conference (ICT-ACT 2015), October 4-7, 2015, Ohrid (Mazedonia), pp. 10
The AsTeRICS Academy for Cross-Cultural Education in Assistive Technologies, Strategies for fostering diversity in electrical engineering and information technology
  • Benjamin Aigner, Veronika David, Martin Deinhofer, Angelina Kratschanova, Christoph Veigl (2014)
  • Proceedings of the 13th conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (ITHET), September 11-13, 2014, York (England)
A Low-cost Sound Generator for an Electric Quad Bike
  • Benjamin Aigner, Peter Rössler (2013)
  • MECO2013 Conference, 16-20 June, 2013, Budva, Montenegro