FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Sauermann

Program Director Master Medical Engineering & eHealth



FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Sauermann started as a researcher at the Medical University of Vienna, Department for Biomedical Engineering and Phyisics. Many papers and one patent resulted from projects on acquisition, analysis, reporting and management of biosignals.

In 1999 he started as a lecturer at University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Technikum Wien and in 2011 as Program Director of the Biomedical Engineering Sciences Master degree study program. He is Key Researcher in the Research Focus „eHealth“ at UAS Technikum Wien and coordinates this topic in the Department for Biomedical Engineering at Technikum Wien. He is active in national and international projects, connected to the implementation of the electronic healthcare record in Austria (ELGA).

From 2003 to 2015 he was chair of the Austrian mirror committee „Medical Informatics” to ISO TC215 and CEN TC 251. He is also contributing to standardization within IEEE, HL7 and as founding member of IHE Austria. As moderator of the workgroup “Interoperability – Standards” in the Austrian e-Health Initiative (eHI) of the Austrian Ministry of Health he contributed to the recommendations on IT interoperability for the Austrian healthcare system from 2005 on.


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