Computer Science

Bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien


Theory, Practice and Trends in Demand

Today, IT permeates many areas of life across all industries, organizations and companies of all sizes. Experts in demand therefore play a key role in the economy. The Bachelor of Computer Science with a focus on Software Engineering and Applied Computer Science provides the perfect foundation for this and graduates have the best prerequisites for implementing digital solutions in interdisciplinary domains.


Students learn

  • to analyze complex IT interrelationships
  • to successfully apply the latest information technologies
  • to consider these technologies in the context of basic business-related, technical, and legal knowledge
  • to plan and develop software systems
  • to independently analyze and implement projects
  • to identify customer requirements and transfer them into models
  • to present IT processes to customers in an understandable manner
  • to take computer security into consideration in their work in the IT environment
  • to develop and evaluate graphical user interfaces based on usability aspect
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Forms of Organization at a Glance


  • Start of semester: September
  • 1st and 2nd semester ident: basics of computer science, programming, web development,…
  • Costs per semester: € 363.36 tuition fee, € 24.70 ÖH fee; € 3,000 Tuition fee for students from third countries: exceptions and information
  • Career paths from the 4th semester
  • Work placement in the 6th semester
  • Bachelor thesis in the 6th semester
  • ECTS in English: 79
  • • Recommended semester abroad (optional): 3, 4, 5, 6


  • 6 semester ot 30 ECTS each
  • 1st and 2nd semester ident: basics of computer science, programming, web development,…
  • Costs per semester: € 363.36 tuition fee, € 24.70 ÖH fee; € 3,000 Tuition fee for students from third countries: exceptions and information
  • Employment in a partner company from the 3rd semester onwards
  • Electives from 4th semester
  • Bachelor thesis in the 6th semester
  • ECTS in English: 16
  • Recommended semester abroad (optional): 3, 4, 5, 6


Career Paths

Selectable through specializations in the 4th and 5th semesters.


Mobile App Developer

Computer Science Seminar, Android Development, iOS Development, Cross Platform Development

Student Computerspiel

Game Developer

Computer Science Seminar, Game Development Grundlagen, Computergraphics and Mixed Reality, Effiziente Programmierung in C++, Game und Level Design

Data Science

Data Scientist

Big Data Infrastructure & Engineering, Data Science Engineering, Machine Learning, Computer Science Seminar

DevOps am Bildschirm

DevOps Engineer

Computer Science Seminar, Continuous Integration, Infrastructure as Code, Serverless Computing


IT Security Engineer

Computer Science Seminar, Network Security, System Hardening, Exploit Development, Mobile Security, Web Security, Vulnerability Analyse

Quantum Information

Fundamentals of Quantum Information and Theory of Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Algorithms for optimization problems and Big Data



Regular application for that 1st semester:

The application for the study program takes place exclusively at the UAS Technikum Wien. The first two semesters of the program are completed at the FHTW, during which time the application phase begins at one of the available partner companies. From the 3rd semester onwards, the studies take place alternately in practical phases at the company and at the FHTW.

Cross-entry into the 3rd semester:

Graduates of relevant HTL fields of education have the possibility to enter the 3rd semester (all information on lateral entry as PDF). Since the practical phases start with the 3rd semester, an application to one of the companies offering the possibility of lateral entry is required in addition to the application to the FHTW. The time model applicable for lateral entry into the 3rd semester can be found here: Time model lateral entry

Partner Companies

  • A1
  • ace
  • all about apps
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Austrosoft
  • Barcotec
  • Bechtle
  • Bosch
  • ByteSource Technology GmbH
  • cargo-partner
  • Cloudfight
  • CSS Software-Team
  • Deloitte
  • Drei Österreich
  • Earlybird
  • EBE Solutions
  • Erste Group Bank
  • evolit
  • EY Österreich (Ernst & Young)
  • Flughafen Wien AG
  • Foryouandyourcustomers
  • Frequentis AG
  • Genetec Austria GmbH
  • HR Innoways
  • Krankenfürsorgeanstalt der Bediensteten der Stadt Wien (KFA-Wien)
  • Kromit GmbH
  • LINSINGER Maschinenbau GesmbH
  • MM Group
  • Moonshiner
  • msg Plaut Austria GmbH
  • New Work SE
  • octapharma
  • Papyrus Software
  • Paysafecard

  • PORR
  • Porsche Informatik
  • Raiffeisen Software GmbH
  • REWE International DienstleistungsgmbH
  • SAP
  • spusu
  • s-team IT solutions GmbH
  • Tems GmbH
  • Teufelberger
  • Tietoevry
  • TimeTrack Gmbh
  • twinformatics
  • Upstream – next level mobility GmbH
  • Wien Digital
  • WKO Inhouse GmbH

Company Practice Phases

Details about the individual courses at the UASTW can be found in the curriculum.

Contact for Companies

Žaklina Sabadi, BA

Company coordination Partner companies
Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

+43 664 889 630
Helmut Gollner
FH-Prof. DI Helmut Gollner

Program Director Master Information Systems Management
International Coordinator

+43 1 333 40

Career Prospects

Graduates have a broad knowledge of information and communication technologies. After the study of computer science they are able to use the methods of current information technologies, they recognize industry-relevant economic contexts and apply holistic approaches. Specializations allow to acquire special skills and knowledge.  They are able to:

  • Plan and develop computer games
  • program mobile applications for different platforms
  • Develop web and cloud applications
  • Plan and deploy medical software systems
  • Plan and conduct usability tests and eye tracking studies
“Our graduates have the best qualifications for the age of digital transformation.”
Harald Wahl
Program Director
You are not born an IT nerd, you are programmed.
Panagiota Mavridou
Short steps, long vision.
Mohammad Farhan
Bachelor of Computer Science: a cool course of study that I enjoy and is always exciting.
Qi Zhu
Software is never finished”. Due to digitalization, robots and IT people will be much more in demand than other employees in the future. If you want to be part of this future, studying computer science is definitely the best option.
Ridha Omrane

General Information


For a bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien, you should have a certain technical interest and have completed the school-leaving examination. A relevant professional qualification is also considered to fulfill the admission requirements.


UAS Technikum Wien offers

  • extensive use of modern didactic methods
  • optimal combination of on-site teaching and online-supported self-study phases.

Students have the oppurtunity

  • to organize their learning activities with a high degree of flexibility in terms of time and place,
  • to learn guided by virtual learning paths and to voluntarily self-check their own learning progress,
  • to study in an application- and solution-oriented manner.

Our students are prepared for independent lifelong learning in their careers.


Starting in 2022/23, internationalization will play an important role for students at UAS Technikum Wien and will become a fixed component of every curriculum. The possibilities are diverse and adapted to the different circumstances of the students: from excursions lasting several days to semesters abroad, from acting as an International Buddy for others to writing the Bachelor thesis in English. All bachelor students complete at least 5 ECTS from a wide range of measures.

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FH-Prof. DI Dr.techn. Harald Wahl

Program Director Bachelor Computer Science
Program Director Bachelor's degree program Information Technologies (Joint Degree with FH Kärnten)

+43 1 333 40 77-2549wahl@technikum-wien.atDetails
Michael Günthör

Administrative Assistant Bachelor Computer Science (full time)

+43 1 333 40 77 -
Sonja Nagl
Sonja Nagl

Administrative Assistant
Bachelor Computer Science (full time)
Master AI Engineering

+43 1 333 40
Christina Schuh
Christina Schuh, BA

Administrative Assistant
Bachelor Computer Science (Dual)

+43 1 333 40



The next step to study Computer Science is to apply via our online application system:

  • The entire application process is handled via a dedicated application website.
  • Your data is stored securely and is being treated with strict confidentiality.
  • A registration system makes it possible to start an application and complete it at a later point in time.
  • Once you have entered your user data and uploaded documents, you can also use them for subsequent applications.

Further Offerings

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Continuing Master’s Degree Programs: AI Engineering, Business Informatics, Data ScienceInternet of Things and smart systemsIT SecuritySoftware Engineering

Master’s Course

Master’s course Projekt- und Prozessmanagement as well as numerous other opportunities for further education at Technikum Wien Academy.
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