Rehab Technology

Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology

Master’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien


Interdisciplinary Study around Technology for People

The focus of the program is on rehabilitation technology (prosthetics, motion analysis…), health telematics and the use and distribution of technology from the health and rehabilitation sector. The topic of the Master’s thesis is already chosen in the first semester and planned accordingly in a preliminary project phase for the further semesters. In-depth studies and applications in the second and third semesters are ideally linked to the project on the topic of the master’s thesis and accompanied by UAS supervisors.



  • Start of semester: Beginning of September
  • Duration: 120 ECTS credits, 4 semesters
  • Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
  • Mode: Part-time, german
  • Costs per semester: € 363.36 tuition fee, € 24.70 ÖH fee; € 3,000 Tuition fee for students from third countries: exceptions and information
  • Possibility for a semester abroad
  • ECTS in English: 7,5
  • Recommended semester abroad (optional): 3, 4
  • Available Double Degree program(s): UAS Luzern
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Students Learn:

  • The technical design of training and rehabilitation equipment.
  • The development of hardware or software for information and communication systems.
  • To perform and evaluate biomechanical motion and gait analyses.
  • To implement and review the relevant standards and norms in the area of project and quality management.
  • To work on current research and developments in the field of prosthetics and neuroprosthetics.
  • To capture, process and analyze biosignals in order to carry out developments in the field of neuroprosthetics, for example.
  • To perform statistical analysis in the healthcare system and interpret metrics appropriately.
  • To analyze medical data and implement medical information systems.
  • To implement software solutions in the field of health telematics (eCard, ELGA, eHealth, …).
  • To model and simulate processes and procedures in the field of medicine, human beings, but also in the field of various hardware and software products and to interpret the results in a meaningful way.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this course are characterized by having a broad overview of the fields of health telematics and rehabilitation technology. This includes, among other things, the areas of research and development and quality management. Development includes all the specific activities associated with it, such as analysis, design, modeling, simulation, design, implementation, integration, as well as validation, verification and testing. Accordingly, the career prospects for graduates of the master’s program in health and rehabilitation technology are good.


Health telematics and technology for prophylaxis (for example, biomechanics & ergonomics) Rehabilitation technology in the context of regeneration and re-learning (for example, movement analysis, measurement technology), rehabilitation technology for permanent use (for example, prosthetics).


Research and development, project management and quality management in health and social care, product management in rehabilitation and medical technology Material conception and equipment design in prosthetics, training equipment technology & rehabilitation technology


Consulting in health and social care and rehabilitation technology, development of state-of-the-art technology for exercise equipment, rehabilitation and orthopedics, clinical gait analysis and its high-tech system integration, medical informatics for data analysis and implementation of medical information systems.

Alumni in Portrait

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Johannes Martinek FHTW
What is unique about this degree program is the connection between people and technology
Johannes Martinek
Program Director


Master’s degree programs build on a completed bachelor’s degree program and allow students to specialize or focus on topics in more detail or to expand their existing expertise.

You must meet subject-matter requirements to be admitted to the Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology master’s degree program. Prerequisites include a bachelor’s degree from a UAS in a relevant subject matter or an equivalent degree from a recognized post-secondary educational institution (at least 180 ECTS credits) in Austria or another country.

If basic equivalence has been established except for a few missing prerequisites, the program director can require students to take exams to establish full equivalence. These exams are taken during the master’s program.

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Johannes Martinek
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Johannes Martinek

Program Director Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Program Direct Master Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology

+43 1 333 40 77-2291johannes.martinek@technikum-wien.atDetails
Katharina Pollaschek FHTW
Katharina Pollaschek

Administrative Assistant
Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology

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