Sustainable Environmental and Bioprocess Engineering

New bachelor’s program at the UAS Technikum Wien: Start of studies in 2024/25.


Two key technologies for a sustainable future

By applying bioprocess engineering, biological systems such as organisms or parts thereof are used to produce, for example, biobased chemicals, complex active ingredients for medicine or products for the food industry. Environmental engineering contributes to solving environmental problems, improving resource efficiency and reducing the ecological footprint of industry and society. Core areas include waste, water and wastewater management, and soil and air pollution control. The Sustainable Environmental and Bioprocess Engineering program not only combines these key technologies, but also places a special emphasis on the application of life-cycle thinking, including material flow management and a holistic view of the life cycle of products and processes.


Starting in 2024/25 (subject to accreditation by AQ Austria and collegiate decision), the FH Technikum Wien will create a foundation for the established Master’s program in Ecotoxicology & Environmental Management with this new Bachelor’s program, as well as for a career in attractive industries and professional fields. Here, competencies around the existing Master’s program can be drawn upon. Current findings from research projects on microplastics, the influence of endocrine disruptors on the environment, or life cycle thinking are to be directly incorporated into teaching. Competencies that have been built up in the research focus Tissue Engineering & Molecular Life Science Technologies will also flow directly into teaching.

“Our new bachelor’s program combines two future technologies into an attractive basic degree program.”

Barbara Gepp

Head of Development Team

Career prospects

Typical industries and subject areas for graduates:

  • Biopharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Food industry
  • Environmental consulting
  • Water supply and wastewater management
  • Process control and optimization
  • Environmental assessment and material flow management
  • Biotechnological and chemical recycling of materials
  • Conversion to environmentally friendly processes
  • Quality control and quality management
  • Research and development


DI Dr. Barbara Gepp

Head of Competence Center Chemical Engineering & Biomaterials

+43 1 333 40 77-4600barbara.gepp@technikum-wien.atDetails



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