Internationalization of Studies

Starting in the winter semester of 2022, internationalization will play an essential role for students at UAS Technikum Wien and will become a fixed component of every curriculum.

In order to gain international experience, there is a wide range of short- and long-term mobilities that cater to students’ different circumstances: from a few days to an entire academic year. Internationalization becomes a basic requirement to complete one’s studies.

The possibilities to build up international and intercultural competences are manifold. A catalog describes measures as well as the ECTS allocated to them. Students can work on acquiring the competencies from the first year onwards by choosing suitable measures depending on their life situation. Until the 6th semester, there is time to complete a bundle of measures of at least 5 ECTS. As part of an internationalization course in the 6th semester, these are then formally assessed with ECTS in the transcript.


The 5 ECTS can be acquired, for example, by attending an international summer/winter school of at least 5 days (2 ECTS), by writing an English-language Bachelor thesis (3 ECTS) or by completing a semester abroad (5 ECTS).

Benefits for Students

  • Various possibilities for stays abroad (studies, traineeships, summer/winter schools, study trips, etc.) to implement mobility – the International Office as well as the faculty is the service-oriented contact person here.
  • Possibility to participate several times in mobilities (study trip, semester abroad, traineeships,…)
  • Internationalization at Home, i.e. an international environment and offerings on site, e.g. for networking (international) students and in the form of globally oriented courses.
  • Comprehensive integration of intercultural aspects in all curricula
  • Continuous expansion of the range of English-language courses offered
  • Ongoing expansion of intercultural training and application training in English for students as well as expansion of projects in international teams with partner universities

Catalogue of Measures

1Completion of a semester abroad or participation in a double/joint program at an international partner institution5
2Completion of an internship abroad lasting at least two months5
3Completion of the final thesis in English or publication in an international journal in coordination with the degree program or participation in international conferences3
4Professional activity in an international work environment (which must be proven or credibly demonstrated)3
5Completion of courses at an international higher education institution with a total of at least 10 ECTS credits3
6Participation in project courses with international teams (e.g. Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programs)3
7Completion of subject courses in English at the UAS Technikum Wien totaling 30 ECTS2
8Participation in Summer-/Winter-Schools in an international context2
9Participation in a study trip or excursion abroad lasting at least 5 days2
10Completion of a language certificate in a foreign language (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate etc.)2
11Active function as a Buddy for an Incoming student and/or in an international student network (e.g. Erasmus Student Network) for at least 1 semester 2

International Topics