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Focus category 2024: Competence-oriented Assessment

Category description At the FHTW, we are committed to the principle of constructive alignment. This means that when planning courses, the teaching/learning outcomes to be achieved, the teaching/learning methods and the forms of examination are stringently coordinated. Particular attention will be paid to the last point, namely examination design, as part of this year's focus category of competence-oriented assessment.
The basic aim of competency-based assessment is to assess and evaluate the competencies to be achieved by students in the best possible way at a specific point in time. The selected tasks cover different levels of competence and thus make it possible to determine the degree to which the respective student has achieved the teaching/learning outcome. In addition, the number of partial performances and the chosen form(s) of assessment (e.g. written/oral; individual/peer assessment; open/closed questions; formative/summative; paper-pencil/digital, etc.) are also chosen, taking into account the teaching/learning outcomes and teaching/learning methods. Finally, the feedback process also plays an important role in exam design, so that students receive individual and learning-friendly feedback based on objective criteria and transparent scoring.
The criteria by which the jury will judge the submissions in this category are as follows:
  • The examination design appears coherent in view of the intended teaching/learning outcomes and the teaching/learning methods used.
  • The competencies to be acquired are assessed by different forms of examination in order to reflect different levels of performance and to allow for several forms of performance, taking into account the student's entry requirements.
  • Suitable measures are taken to ensure the best possible objectivity and transparency in the examination process.
  • Students receive adequate feedback on their performance so that they can continue to develop on this basis.

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