Sports Technology: master’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien

From sports equipment to athletic exercise - the interdisciplinary master's degree program Sports Technology focuses on the combination of sport and technology.

An idea for a new sports equipment should be realized or an existing sports equipment should be optimized, a certain movement has potential for improvement. To be able to work on these and even more tasks, different technical knowledge is necessary, which will be taught in the Master degree program Sports Technology. Already in the first semester the imparted knowledge is applied to projects from the industry or from associations. As Sports Technology is an international subject area, the third and fourth semesters are taught in English. English knowledge will be refreshed and the necessary terms for further courses will be taught in the beginning of the third semester. In addition to the possibility to apply for the Double Degree program, students can also spend a semester abroad.

What do I learn in this degree program?

  • to measure the properties of sports equipment in laboratory and field tests by selecting suitable sensor technology and subsequently to analyze and display the recorded data
  • to measure, analyze and display the biomechanical parameters of people during their sporting activities (top-level, leisure and health sports) which are important for the course of movement
  • to plan and carry out laboratory and field tests to determine the properties of sports equipment and biomechanical parameters of people during their sporting activities (top-level, leisure and health sports) according to scientific criteria on a project basis
  • to modify the characteristics of sports equipment by adapting the design and/or the materials used in its construction
  • to develop and apply training support technology (metrological monitoring, feedback systems)
  • to analyze the motion sequence or the training of a top athlete as well as leisure and health athletes by using suitable measurement technology and to design and optimize it by means of suitable feedback systems
  • to develop a piece of sports equipment or its subcomponents from the idea to the concept (including computer-aided design, finite element analysis and material selection)
  • to measure, analyze, display and interpret the interactive influence between sports equipment and top athletes as well as leisure and health athletes
  • to optimize the performance of top athletes as well as recreational and health athletes by modifying the sports equipment and/or the athletic technique

What are the admission requirements?

Applicants to this master’s degree program must have a bachelor’s degree and/or other recognized academic degree from a technical university of applied sciences or university with at least 180 ECTS credits.

More information: Admission requirements for the Sports Equipment Technology master’s degree program

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