Publikationen des Department Industrial Engineering

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Potential of Lavender Meal and Essential Oil for Dairy Cows
  • Levend Coşkuntuna, Maximilian Lackner, Kadir Erten, Sevilay Gül, Valiollah Palangi, Fisun Koç, Selim Esen (2023)
  • Fermentation
A Comprehensive Analysis of Cinnamon, Flaxseed, and Lemon Seed Essential Oils’ Effects on In Vitro Gas Formation and Nutrient Degradability in Diets
  • Maghsoud Besharati, Valiollah Palangi, Masoumeh Niazifar, Selim Esen, Maximilian Lackner (2023)
  • Fermentation
Degradability of Vicia ervilia Grain Using In Situ and CNCPS Methods, and Model-Based Analysis of Its Ruminal Degradation
  • Marziyeh Taghavi, Akbar Taghizadeh, Yousef Mehmannavaz, Ali Hosseinkhani, Hamid Mohammadzadeh, Muhlis Macit, Valiollah Palangi, Maximilian Lackner (2023)
  • Fermentation
Supplementary Feed Additives Can Improve Lamb Performance in Terms of Birth Weight, Body Size, and Survival Rate
  • Leila Ahmadzadeh, Ali Hosseinkhani, Valiollah Palangi, Maximilian Lackner (2023)
  • Animals
Techno–economic simulation and evaluation of scalable ‘energy cells’ locally generating renewable energy
  • Karthik Subramanya Bhat, Johanna Ganglbauer, Elina Bosch (2022)
  • e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
The mechanism of scale-invariance
  • Moritz Lang (2022)
  • Automatica
Controlling Metal Fires through Cellulose Flake Blanketing Followed by Water Spray Cooling
  • Josef Hagauer, Ulrich Matlschweiger, Christian Tippelreither, Markus Lutz, Thomas Hribernig, Maximilian Lackner (2022)
  • Fire
Effects of Slaughter Age of Holstein Friesian Bulls on Meat Quality: Chemical Composition, Textural Characteristics, Sensory Attributes and Fatty Acid Profile
  • Abdulkerim Diler, Mete Yanar, Veysel Fatih Özdemir, Recep Aydin, Özgür Kaynar, Valiollah Palangi, Maximilian Lackner, Rıdvan Koçyigit (2022)
  • Foods
Lentilactobacillus buchneri Preactivation Affects the Mitigation of Methane Emission in Corn Silage Treated with or without Urea
  • Caner Bağcık, Fisun Koç, Kadir Erten, Selim Esen, Valiollah Palangi, Maximilian Lackner (2022)
  • Fermentation
Strategies to Mitigate Enteric Methane Emissions in Ruminants: A Review
  • Valiollah Palangi, Akbar Taghizadeh, Soheila Abachi, Maximilian Lackner (2022)
  • Sustainability
Impacts of Continuous and Intermittent Use of Bovine Colostrum on Laying Japanese Quails: Egg Performance and Traits, Blood Biochemical and Antioxidant Status
  • Shakir Mokhtarzadeh, Ali Nobakht, Yousef Mehmannavaz, Valiollah Palangi, Hüseyin Eseceli, Maximilian Lackner (2022)
  • Animals
Management of Enteric Methane Emissions in Ruminants Using Feed Additives: A Review
  • Valiollah Palangi, Maximilian Lackner (2022)
  • Animals
Supraharmonic and Harmonic Emissions of a Bi-Directional V2G Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Their Impact to the Grid Impedance
  • Bernhard Grasel, José Baptista, Manfred Tragner (2022)
  • Energies
A 3D printing tool-path generation strategy based on the partition of principal stress field for fused filament fabrication
  • Hang Zhang, Yuan Yao, Yingxin Ma, Maximilian Lackner, Yunliang Jiang (2022)
  • The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, pp. 17
Cross-university virtual teamwork as a means of internationalization at home
  • Johannes Nikolaus Rauer, Michael Kroiss, Natalia Kryvinska, Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Mohamed Aburaia (2021)
  • The International Journal of Management Education, Volume 19, Issue 3
Neuartiges Verfahren zum Löschen von Metallbränden mit Zelluloseflakes
  • Maximilian Lackner, Markus Lutz, Thomas Hribernig (2021)
  • Feuerwehr Fachjournal
Extraction and Analysis of Natural Rubber from the Latex of Ficus carica, Artocarpus heterophyllus and Polymer Analysis of Durio zibethinus
  • Isabella Wagner, Maximilian Lackner (2021)
  • Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Digitalization of the Process Landscape for Proprietary Bond Trading
  • Timothy Petrov, Wolfgang Neussner, Maximilian Lackner (2021)
  • Sustainable Future and Technology Development
Arbeiten und studieren im Homeoffice
  • Judith Klamert-Schmid, Maximilian Lackner (2021)
  • Alle! Achtung! Das Sicherheitsmagazin der AUVA
Effect of Thermal Pretreatments on Phosphorylation of Corypha umbraculifera L. Stem Pith Starch: A Comparative Study Using Dry-Heat, Heat-Moisture and Autoclave Treatments
  • Basheer Aaliya, Kappat Valiyapeediyekkal Sunooj, Chillapalli Babu Sri Rajkumar, Muhammed Navaf, Plachikkattu Parambil Akhila, Cherakkathodi Sudheesh, Johnsy George, Maximilian Lackner (2021)
  • Polymers
Innovative use of waste tyres: Noise-barriers and geoengineering
  • Theodor Haas, Erich Markl, Maximilian Lackner (2021)
  • World Journal of Advanced Engineering Technology and Sciences
Identifying geographically differentiated features of Ethopian Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) morphology with machine learning
  • Wilfried Wöber, Manuel Curto, Papius D. Tibihika, Paul Meulenboek, Esayas Alemayehu, Lars Mehnen, Harald Meimberg, Peter Sykacek (2021)
  • PlosONE
Flexibility Enhancements in Digital Manufacturing by means of Ontological Data Modeling
  • Richard Otrebski, Johannes Rauer, Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Natalia Kryvinska, Mohamed Aburaia, Dominik Pospisil (2020)
  • International Journal of Ubiquitous Systems and Pervasive Networks (JUSPN)
Oriented to Multi-Branched Structure Unsupported 3D Printing Method Research
  • Qingxi Hu, Di Feng, Haiguang Zhang, Yuan Yao, Mohamed Aburaia, Herfried Lammer (2020)
  • Materials, vol. 13, no. 9, p. 2023, Apr. 2020
Research-based teaching in digital manufacturing and robotics - the Digital Factory at the UAS Technikum Wien as an exemplary case
  • Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Mohamed Aburaia, Johannes Rauer (2020)
  • CLF2020 TU Graz
Devulcanization Technologies for Recycling of Tire-Derived Rubber: A Review
  • Erich Markl, Maximilian Lackner (2020)
  • Materials
Evaluierung von Navigationsmethoden für mobile Roboter
  • Wilfried Wöber, Johannes Rauer, Maximilian Papa, Ali Aburaia, Simon Schwaiger, Georg Novotny, Mohamed Aburaia, Wilfried Kubinger (2020)
  • e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Research-based teaching in Digital Manufacturing and Robotics – the Digital Factory at the UAS Technikum Wien as a Case Example
  • Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Mohamed Aburaia, Richard Otrebski, Johannes Rauer, Horst Orsolits (2020)
  • Procedia Manufacturing, pp. 6
A Production Method for Standardized Continuous Fiber Reinforced FFF Filament
  • Mohamed Aburaia, Christoph Bucher, Maximilian Lackner, Joamin Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Haiguang Zhang, Herfried Lammer (2020)
  • Biomaterials and Medical Applications
Semi-Automatic Generation of Training Data for Neural Networks for 6D Pose Estimation and Robotic Graspin
  • Johannes Rauer, Mohamed Aburaia, Wilfried Wöber (2020)
  • Proceedings of Joint Austrian Computer Vision and Robotics Workshop 2020
A Production Method for Standardized Continuous Fiber Reinforced FFF Filament
  • Mohamed Aburaia, Maximilian Lackner, Michael Bucher, Joamin Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Haiguang Zhang, Herfried Lammer (2020)
  • A Production Method for Standardized Continuous Fiber Reinforced FFF Filament,” vol. 4, no. 1, p. 12, 2020
Sustainability – bringing about a value changes amongst employees
  • Sabine Zangl, Mirza Husetic, Maximilian Lackner, Harald Lembacher (2020)
  • Techniumscience
Clean drinking water global scarcity: a review
  • Maximilian Lackner, Ibrahim Ouattara, Norouz Ali Gharae, Raymond Abolhassani (2020)
  • Journal of Water Science and Engineering
Carbon footprint reduction in households using professional services – example of laundry cleaning
  • Sabine Zangl, D. Pingitzer, Harald Lembacher, Maximilian Lackner (2020)
  • Pubtexto
New Assessment Method for Buildings and Districts towards "Net Zero Energy Buildings" Compatible with the Energy Scenario 2050
  • Simon Schneider, Nadja Bartlmä, Jens Leibold, Petra Schöfmann, Momir Tabakovic, Thomas Zelger (2019)
  • REAL CORP 2019
Industrial Engineering Management – THE key skill for the Digital Age
  • Maximilian Lackner (2019)
  • The International Journal of Engineering and Science (THE IJES)
New assessment method for buildings and districts towards “Net Zero Energy Buildings" compatible with the energy scenario 2050
  • Simon Schneider, Nadja Bartlmä, Jens Leibold, Petra Schöffmann, Momir Tabakovic, Thomas Zelger (2019)
  • Corp, pp. 10
Mutual Benefits from Entrepreneurship of Non-business University Graduates for Academia and Founders
  • Erich Markl, Maximilian Lackner, Judith Schmid, Thomas Faast (2019)
  • International Academic Journal of Entrepreneurship, pp. 8
Methodik zur Entwicklung sicherer kollaborativer Produktionssysteme im Rahmen von Industrie 4.0
  • Vinzenz Sattinger, Maximilian Papa, Kemajl Stuja, Wilfried Kubinger (2019)
  • e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Climate specific accelerated ageing tests and evaluation of ageing induced electrical, physical, and chemical changes
  • Gabriele C. Eder, Yuliya Voronko, Simon Dimitriadis, Karl Knöbl, Gusztáv Ujvári, Karl A. Berger, Martin Halwachs, Lukas Neumaier, Christina Hirschl (2018)
  • Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 2018
Differential degradation patterns of photovoltaic backsheets at the array level
  • Andrew Fairbrother, Matthew Boyd, Yadong Lyu, Julien Avenet, Peter Illich, Yu Wang, Michael Kempe, Brian Dougherty, Laura Bruckman, Xiaohong Gu (2018)
  • Solar Energy
Cyanobacteria for PHB Bioplastics Production: A Review
  • Erich Markl, Hannes Grünbichler, Maximilian Lackner (2018)
  • IntechOpen, pp. 10
Abrasive pads for sustainable and cost-effective industrial and institutional floor cleaning
  • Alexander Knapp, Maximilian Lackner, Erich Markl (2018)
  • International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development
PHB - Bio Based and Biodegradable Replacement for PP: A Review
  • Erich Markl, Hannes Grünbichler, Maximilian Lackner (2018)
  • Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science, pp. 4
Consumer’s perception of high gloss furniture: instrumental gloss measurement versus visual gloss evaluation
  • Frederike Ettwein, Valentina Rohrer-Vanzo, Georg Langthaler, Andrea Werner, Tobias Stern, Olivia Moser, Raimund Leitner, Katja Regenfelder (2017)
  • European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
Bildgebende Sensorsystems für robotische Systeme in der Agrar- und Landtechnik
  • Wilfried Kubinger, Bernhard Peschak, Wilfried Wöber, Clemens Sulz (2017)
  • e&i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Outdoor detection and visualization of hailstorm damages of photovoltaic plants
  • Wolfgang Muehleisen, Gabriele C. Eder, Yuliya Voronko, Markus Spielberger, Horst Sonnleitner, Karl Knöbl, Rita Ebner, Gusztáv Ujvari, Christina Hirschl (2017)
  • Renewable Energy
Industrie 4.0 - Auswirkungen von Digitalisierung und Internet auf den Industriestandort
  • Wilfried Kubinger, Roland Sommer (2016)
  • e&i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Naive wood-supply predictions: Comparing two case studies from Austria
  • Julia List, Peter Schwarzbauer, Martin Braun, Andrea Werner, Georg Langthaler, Tobias Stern (2016)
  • Austrian Journal Of Forest Science
Assessing a regional building applied PV potential – Spatial and dynamic analysis of supply and load matching
  • Andreas Molin, Simon Schneider, Patrik Rohdin, Bahram Moshfegh (2016)
  • Renewable Energy 91
Real-time monitoring of beta-D-glucuronidase activity in sediment laden streams: A comparison of prototypes
  • Philipp Stadler, Günter Blöschl, Wolfgang Vogl, Juri Koschelnik, Markus, Epp, Maximilian Lackner, Markus Oismüller, Monika Kumpan, Lukas, Nemeth, Peter Strauss, Regina Sommer, Gabriela Ryzinska-Paier, Andras Farnleitner, Matthias Zessner (2016)
  • Real-time monitoring of beta-D-glucuronidase activity in sediment laden streams
Research-based teaching in Digital Manufacturing and Robotics – the Digital Factory at the UAS Technikum Wien as a Case Example
  • Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki, Mohamed Aburaia, Richard Otrebski, Johannes Rauer, Horst Orsolits (2016)
  • Procedia Manuf
Influence of halide solutions on collagen networks - measurements of physical properties by atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • Birgit Spitzer-Sonnleitner, Andre Kempe, Maximilian Lackner (2016)
  • Influence of halide solutions on collagen networks
Digitale Fabrik
  • Mohamed Aburaia (2015)
  • So funktioniert Wirtschaft. Ein Sachbuch für Jugendliche
Communicating forest sector sustainability: results from four European countries
  • Elina Korhonen, Andrea Werner, Andreja Kutnar, Anne Toppinen, Katja Lähtinen (2015)
  • Forest Products Journal
Assessing the potential price range for bioactive food additives from wood by using the van Wesstendorp method
  • Annemarie Haydn, Andrea Werner, Tobias Stern (2015)
  • Journal of the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics
Wie im Jahr 2025 zwei Millionen Menschen in Wien leben werden – Überlegungen zum Gebäude der Zukunft
  • Hubert Fechner, Lukas Maul (2015)
  • Zukunft Stadt. Wirtschaftspolitische Visionen für die urbanen Zentren von morgen
Small Wind Power in Austria
  • Kurt Leonhartsberger, Mauro Peppoloni (2015)
  • World Wind Energy Association Wind Bulletin
Design and control of 4 axis additive manufactured robot using software tools
  • Mohamed Aburaia, Kemajl Stuja, Erich Markl (2014)
  • Procedia Engineering 100
Storage and Demand Side Management as power generator’s strategic instruments to influence demand and prices
  • Natalie Prüggler, Wolfgang Prüggler, Franz Wirl (2011)
  • Energy
Grid regulation in Austria: smart grids incentives or disincentives?
  • Natalie Prüggler, Christoph Bremberger (2011)
A cost-based approach to evaluate future grid structure options
  • Natalie Prüggler (2011)
  • International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources
Netzwerken für die Mechatronik
  • Udo Traussnig, Viktorio Malisa (2010)
  • atp edition
Berufliche Qualifizierung im Umweltsektor mit Schwerpunkt Erneuerbare Energien / Neue Energietechnologien unter antizipierender Berücksichtigung des Nationalen Qualifikationsrahmens (NQR). Schwerpunkt: Integration von Nachhaltigkeitsaspekten
  • Susanne Schidler, Heidi Adensam, K. Da Rocha (2010)
  • AMS Foschungsnetz / AMS INFO 160 / Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich
Raman spectroscopy for the investigation of indentation-induced domain texturing in lead zirconate titanate piezoceramics
  • Marco Deluca, Raúl Bermejo Moratinos, Hannes Grünbichler, Volker Pressler, Robert Danzer, Klaus G. Nickel (2010)
  • Scripta materialia
Zur Integration von Nachhaltigkeitsaspekten bei beruflichen Qualifizierungsmaßnahmen im Umweltsektor. Ergebnisse einer aktuellen Studie des AMS Österreich
  • Susanne Schidler, Heidi Adensam, K. Da Rocha (2010)
  • AMS info / Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich
Praktikable Kriterien objektivieren
  • Susanne Schidler, Robert Jandl, Richard Büchsenmeister (2009)
  • Forstzeitung
Nachhaltige Entwicklung – Beispiele aus dem Bereich Erneuerbare Rohstoffe / Energien
  • Susanne Schidler (2008)
  • AMS Forschungsnetzwerk / Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich, Abt. Arbeitsmarktforschung und Berufsinformation / AMS INFO

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